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Lyl, intermittent and full-time worker

Party of the Odeon, in Paris, the movement to occupy the theaters has spread oil, in France. Fifth place of culture to be “taken” nationally and first in Brittany, Le Quartz, in Brest, was no exception: since March 11, they are several dozen to take turns, day and night, to ensure the continuity of the action.

Do not give up

If the reopening of places of culture on May 19 should not be without consequences for the movement – as demonstrated the recent evacuation of the occupants of the TNB, in Rennes -, this will not solve everything. “Of course, this will allow several colleagues to work again. And the goal is, of course, not to prevent them from doing so. But there are still many things on which we have the feeling of not having been heard ”. Lylian Danten, 49, is among those who do not intend to give up on their other demands (extension of the white year for intermittent workers or abandonment of unemployment insurance reform, “Which will affect more than two million precarious on July 1”: “intermittent employment” that the occupation movement does not intend to leave on the side of the road).

Springsteen in 2003, the electroshock

Deprived of their “essential” social function and disrupted in their way of life – such as restaurant owners, bar or nightclub staff – intermittents very quickly expressed their suffering – psychological and / or economic – and recalled their attachment. to the idea of ​​solidarity. A rich corporation of several hundred trades of which, in the end, the general public does not know much.

At the beginning, like everyone else, I pushed boxes. I hooked up direct, I felt alive …

Lylian is a rigger (“catchy”). A carpenter by training, this father of two discovered the world of show business in 2003, during a Bruce Springsteen concert at the Stade de France. “At the beginning, like everyone else, I pushed boxes (“ road ”, in the trade). I hooked up direct, I felt alive… I immediately said to myself: that’s what I want to do! “.

The riggers: first to arrive, last to depart

In less than six months, he spent scaffolding (assembly of scenic structures), then discovered rigging (“hanging”) a few years later, “with Nigel, an Englishman who revolutionized the profession in France”. “A rigger is the one who carries out the lifting and hanging of sets, lights and sound systems at height, once the rigging plan has been validated by a design office”, explains Lylian. First to arrive and last to leave (with a huge schedule), these technicians often work in an emergency, suspended from a harness up to 25 m above the stage, maneuvering very heavy loads. The four herniated discs and the degeneration of Lylian’s lumbar trunk attest to this. “And if you don’t advance to the rig, you block the whole assembly line behind…”.

Lylian, on-time at the show, is a rigger. He takes care of the lifting and hanging of sets, lights and sound systems at height (Lionel Le Saux / Le Télégramme)

The Stones, U2, Johnny, Souchon …

In 18 years of profession, including ten spent working in Bercy, the Nord-Finistérien has intervened in an “incalculable” number of concerts. Among these: the Rolling Stones, U2, Johnny, Rammstein, Pink Floyd, Muse, Motörhead, Phil Collins, but also Souchon, Bruel or Mylène Farmer. At Bercy, therefore, or at the Stade de France, at the Parc des Princes, at the Brest Arena (where he has been a referent since 2014) and for most of the major festivals (Old plows, Noise Festival, Astropolis, Huma Festival…). At the Francofolies de La Rochelle, too, where he takes care of the assembly and disassembly of structures, for a month, for several years. Extended days during which he can walk “up to 24 km per day”, pedometer on his belt.

Despite the government’s announcements, how many roads, riggers, scaffs, blockers, lighteux, pollsters or managers will not be able to work their hours this year?

This life of “passion”, “adrenaline” and responsibilities (“at the beginning, when you hang ten tons of material above a stage, it feels weird …”) has therefore come to a sudden halt. , last year. “In 2019, I accumulated 750 hours (you have to do 507 hours to renew my intermittent status). In 2020, it fell to 18… ”, testifies Lyl. Quartz being under construction for two years, the movement should be able to continue there. “And we have to,” he insists. Because, “despite the government’s announcements”, (beware, jargon) “how many roads, riggers, scaffs, blockers, lighteux, pollsters or managers will not be able to do their hours this year? “.

Lyl, intermittent and full-time worker
Lyl has been working at Quartz in Brest for two months (Lionel Le Saux / Le Télégramme)

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