Luz’s sister Mery Tristán revealed new details of Andrés Ricci’s jealousy and addictions: “I ask the women who were attacked to come to us”

Luz’s sister Mery Tristán revealed more details of Andrés Gustavo Ricci García’s unhealthy jealousy – file credit

On August 6, in the early hours of the morning, the body of former Valle del Cauca skater Luz Mery Tristán was found dead. Due to this crime, the Attorney General’s Office continues to investigate whether this case was a feminicidefor which crime he is Andrés Gustavo Ricci arrestedwho was her fiancé.

After almost two months of the murder of the former world skating champion, new details of the relationship the couple had and the unhealthy jealousy that invaded Ricci were revealed. Given this, the sister of the entrepreneur also stated that she was aware at all times of the various problems that Luz Mery had with her partner Andrés Ricci.

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Victoria Tristán indicated that she always respected her sister’s decisions and that she had also traveled with the couple. However, she said that it was on one of those trips when she realized how dangerous was the bond that existed between them.

“In San Andrés we discovered his streak. My husband told me: ‘In life we ​​travel with them again‘” Victoria told the program Los Informantes, when she spoke about an act of jealousy in which Ricci was involved.

According to the testimony of Luz Mery’s sister, Ricci had left her in a hotel due to an untimely attack of jealousy in a restaurant located in the establishment. “He had never had an act of jealousy in front of us. That day he dumped my sister in a hotel. Because the guy in the back, a bald guy in his twenties who was with her girlfriend, was looking at her. “He ordered until they took him out of the restaurant,” Victoria highlighted.

Due to the situation that Luz Mery was experiencing due to Andrés Ricci’s jealousy, the former athlete’s sister said that on July 28 of this year, Tristán had started a series of therapies with a specialist in order to obtain advice that would allow you to alleviate and improve your life as a couple.

“I am sure that neither Luz Mery nor his previous wife were the first victims of Andrés’ aggression, so I ask the previous women who were attacked“Let them come to us because it is very important for the trial,” said Victoria.

Likewise, Victoria Tristán stated that she was also aware of Ricci’s addictions and that she had always boasted of reporting the various addictions. addictions of Andrés Ricci and also of the severity of his sister living with a person with these types of problems. Likewise, it stands out that her sister, although she was aware of the situation, was very much in love with her partner and she hoped to be able to save her relationship.

According to the testimony of the former champion’s sister, it was evident that this match with what had been expressed by a friend of the skater in the middle of a hearing recently held for this case. At that time, the friend had stated that Andrés Ricci used drugs when she felt jealous and that as a result of the effects it had on him unleashed his fury against Tristan.

He used a lot of drugs when he was jealous.. She attacked her verbally and psychologically,” said Luz Mery’s sister.

The woman also stated that she never had knowledge about weapons that were found and seized by the authorities from Ricci, as he highlighted that he was at the couple’s house on several occasions, but at no time did he notice that said items were there.

Currently, the Cali businessman is accused of femicide and for this crime he is detained in the Picaleña maximum security prison in Ibagué, to which he was transferred on August 28, after having remained in a Police station.

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