Luke Bryan falls on stage after slipping on fan’s cell phone


Luke Bryan suffered a major fall while performing at the Coast City Country Festival in Vancouver over the weekend.

In a new video posted to YouTube, the “Country Girl” singer was seen getting the audience excited at her show in Canada on Saturday night when she accidentally swiped on a fan’s cell phone who was launched on stage.

Getting up like a pro, he laughed at the accident while throwing the phone at the fan. “It’s okay,” he said, before jokingly telling the viewer, “My lawyer will call.”

Luke Bryan suffered a huge fall while performing at the Coast City Country Festival in Canada over the weekend. Steve Black/TikTok
The “Country Girl” singer was getting the crowd excited for his next track when he swiped on a fan’s cell phone. Steve Black/TikTok
He laughed at the accidental stunt while standing up like a pro. Steve Black/TikTok

Despite the embarrassing stumble on stage, Bryan, 47, appeared amused by the incident as he asked the crowd: “Did anyone catch that (visible on camera)?”

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He then grabbed another audience member’s cell phone and asked the production team to take a closer look at the play-by-play on the big screen.

“Let’s zoom in, let’s zoom in,” he said, before letting out an enthusiastic “yes” at the sight of her falling hard onto her butt.

“It’s okay, my lawyer will call,” he joked, throwing the cell phone at the fan. Steve Black/TikTok
Bryan also asked viewers if anyone had video of his fall. Steve Black/TikTok

“I need something viral, it’s viral, okay,” joked Bryan, who is no stranger to onstage mishaps.

The country crooner previously slipped while dancing in skinny jeans to one of his hits during his Raised Up Right tour in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2022, according to a video. posted on.

Years before, Bryan also went on a rampage in North Carolina when he got a little too close to the edge of the stage and fell. Video of the 2014 incident was obtained by TMZ at the time.

The country singer stopped his set to share a play-by-play of the music video with the audience. Steve Black/TikTok
“I need something viral, it’s viral, okay,” he joked. Steve Black/TikTok

As seen in the video, Bryan lay down for a few seconds as several people at the show in Charlotte rushed to help him up.

However, he continued the concert like a champ – despite a few stitches.

Bryan’s latest blow comes days after he tried to help fellow American Idol judge Katy Perry fix a wardrobe malfunction using scissors.

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