Lucius Zogratis Revealed, Tabata Takes A Break As The Final Act Begins

black clover chapter 331 confirmed the identity of Lucius Zogratis, the fourth Zogratis brother. That fact alone wowed readers, but Tabata also confirmed the “clockwork theory” popular in the fandom when fighting Lucifero.

However, Tabata also announced that he would be taking a long break to prepare for the final act. Although there is no set date for the return of the manga after this break, the editorial staff of Weekly Shonen Jump announced at the end of black clover chapter 331 that it will take about three months.

Black Clover Chapter 331 Reveals Julius Novachrono Is Lucius Zogratis: Final Act Will Resume After 3-Month Gap

Black Clover, c. 331: Yuno has a wonderful surprise when he meets his mother! Read it for FREE from the official source!

Adrammelech flew away with Lucifero’s heart after the battle in the final chapter. Fueled by Charmy’s food, Mimosa healed Nacht and Yami. While unconscious, Yami did not hear Charlotte’s confession. Nacht decided to return home with his squad.

black clover Chapter 331 is titled “And time begins to move.”

Yuno meets her mother

black clover Chapter 331 starts with Nacht telling Yuno that there is someone he needs to meet. Queen Ciel Grinberryall, the de facto ruler of the Spade Kingdom and Yuno’s mother, is revealed to be alive.

After a tearful reunion, the Queen and Spade officials ask Yuno to stay with them and help rebuild their kingdom. Yuno comments that even though he might do so in the future, he still has duties to the Clover Kingdom and his vow with Asta, who he calls his “clover family”.

Elsewhere, Asta now knows Licita was his mother and thanks Liebe for letting him know his mother loved him. Asta and Yuno reaffirm their wish to be the Wizard King, but Asta acknowledges that he will have to prove Liebe’s innocence to Damnatio Kira.

The fourth brother Zogratis

Back in the Clover Kingdom, the Witch King Julius Novachrono thanks Marx for the report on Spade. Julius has been troubled by a sense of dread since the emergence of the Qilphoth. Damnatio Kira seeks an audience with him, informing him that research has unearthed information about the Evil Hosts from 20 years ago.

Megicula was never part of the Qilphoth formation. Three supreme demons had ruled the underworld: the gravity devil Lucifero, the space devil Beelzebub, and the time devil Astaroth. Damnatio concludes that Astaroth must have given his position to Megicula before disappearing from the Underworld.

Damnatio says the only person who has used Time Magic is Julius, who realizes that a different motive has always fueled his actions. He begs Damnatio to stop him from harming anyone, but a dark figure erupts from Julius, killing Damnatio. Julius’ uncovered grimoire fits into a Spade grimoire.

Adrammelech appears and addresses this person as Lucius Zogratis and reports that everything went as planned. Lucius smiles and declares, “The time has come.”


black clover Chapter 331 focuses on the Clock Tower, confirming the theory that Lucius went back in time and brought everyone back from the dead until he achieved his desired outcome. This explains the simplicity and suddenness of Lucifero’s fight. It’s impossible to speculate how many times Asta and his comrades died and how many times Lucius brought them back.

In hindsight, all of Julius’ actions seem suspicious, and William and Yami’s recruitment seems precisely calculated. It is not clear to black clover chapter 331 whether Julius was a front or an alter ego, but it can be said with certainty that he possessed a conscience of his own. However, Lucius appears to be awake and in control.

Lucius seems both puzzled and amused that his alter ego reacted this way. It also implies that he was conscious within. I wonder if he was conscious all along or if some previous event triggered it… #BlackClover331 #ShadzBC #BC331

It’s also not revealed if Yuno will return to the Clover Kingdom, but given the circumstances, it’s likely that Yuno and Asta will take the final stand against the former Wizard King.

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