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LREM blocks an amendment on the disabled adult allowance, left and right leave the hemicycle – RT in French

LFI, PCF and LR (among others) left the National Assembly together on June 17 to express their disagreement after LREM decided to suspend discussions on the subject of the individualization of the allowance for disabled adults as a couple.

The atmosphere was electric on June 17 in the National Assembly when the opposition deputies, left and right alike, decided to leave the chamber in order to protest against the blockage orchestrated by the majority against the individualization of the allowance for disabled adults (AAH).

Arousing the bronca of all the opposition groups, the majority, which initially wanted to postpone the vote, perhaps to avoid publicized controversies, speculate observers, finally chose a constitutional sleight of hand ( Article 44 of the Constitution in this case) allowing him to vote on the text without the possibility of modifying the amendments. The text was adopted as is by the LREM and MoDem majority.

If the text continues its trajectory as it stands, after already 18 months of legislative process between the assemblies, and enters into application on January 1, 2022 by being included in the next social security budget, the income of the spouse of a disabled adult receiving the AAH will continue to be taken into account in the calculation of this allowance.

That is to say, they will be lower depending on the income of the spouse than if this amendment came from the ranks of Liberties and Territories, but supported by the left, had been voted. A rule considered unequal on both sides of the hemicycle and denounced for a long time by the associative world.

In 1975, the AAH was created to compensate for the inability to work for some disabled people. If the spouse of these people earns more than 1,020 euros per month, the amount of the allowance is decreasing for the disabled person and even waived in the event of income exceeding the ceiling of 2,270 euros for the spouse.

You are seriously undermining parliamentary democracy and I am ashamed of you

According to The Parisian, the rebellious François Ruffin denounced this text in the corridors of the assembly: “They force the handicapped to choose between the purse and the heart.”

Critics have not failed to fuse on social networks, especially against the Minister Delegate in charge of disability issues, Sophie Cluzel, who opposed this amendment. “I would just like to remind you that Cluzel finds de-maritalization unacceptable because couples who live on 2,270 euros per month would touch the AAH while she alone earns 9,500 euros per month”, for example indignant an Internet user.

The founding MEP of Place publique, Raphaël Glucksmann, for his part considered that this position of the majority was “totally unworthy”.

The Communist deputy, André Chassaigne, thundered in the hemicycle: “You are doing a very serious attack on parliamentary democracy and I am ashamed of it for you.” We can then see the entire opposition leaving the ranks of the Assembly.

Stéphane Peu, also PCF deputy, denounced, in the corridors of the Palais Bourbon, “a government maneuver that is not honorable and humiliating for people with disabilities.”

Minister Sophie Cluzel, trying to defend the government’s position against her colleagues, deplored the IT impossibility of implementing the amendment aimed at detaching the AAH from the spouse’s income. François Ruffin denounces: “Laughter and amazement in the Assembly […] Long live the start-up nation … and good faith! ”

The controversy around this text is reminiscent of the one that raged in February 2020 when the majority voted against the proposal of a centrist elected representative to extend parental leave for the mourning of a child from five to 12. days. The government had backed down in the face of general indignation and promised “a more ambitious text”, finally extending this same exceptional leave to 21 days. The Elysee had called for showing humanity, thus letting go of its Minister of Labor at the time, Muriel Pénicaud … The latter had to recognize an “error”.

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