Low Maintenance Shrubs and Landscaping Ideas to Liven Up Your Front Yard

First impressions are important, so a stylish front yard full of gorgeous plants can transform what visitors think of your home.

Terry Smithson, biodiversity manager and conservationist at consultancy BioScapes, says it’s “important to use plants and encourage wildlife to thrive in our open spaces”.

He said Newsweek: “We feel energized and refreshed when we connect with nature.”

When deciding how to turn your garden into a plant paradise, there are options for every style, every size, and every budget. Read on to discover five low-maintenance shrubs and landscaping ideas to make your front garden stand out.

1. Roses

A low-maintenance garden can transform the look of your home.
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A spokesperson for plant food maker Phostrogen suggests that carefully selected shrubs such as roses “can help create a lovely, warm welcome to your home.” There are several low-maintenance varieties that can provide privacy as well as a beautiful display.

The spokesperson said: “There are many different color combinations, from classic pink or red to cheerful yellow and orange. They also offer a delicious scent to welcome guests as they arrive.

“Plant roses along your borders in groups of three or more to form a dense shrub for privacy – or put potted roses in containers and frame your front door for a quaint look.

“Roses require minimal maintenance, but they do need good nutrition, so be sure to use a specialist fertilizer when you water them.” Options include Phostrogen’s Toprose, which “contains iron and magnesium to guard against nutrient deficiencies and prevent leaf drop.”

2. Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle has an amazing smell and is a food source for bees.
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There are many varieties of honeysuckle available, according to Smithson, so “you can choose shrubby, climbing, evergreen, or variegated honeysuckle for your garden or patio.”

He added: “Our favorite is Lonicera periclymenum, which can be grown in pots or directly in the ground and either interwoven through a trellis or trained along walls, fences or a pagoda.

“Trumpet-like clusters of cream to orange flowers produce a wonderful fragrance and are a valuable food source for bumblebees, moths and other pollinators.”

3. Azaleas and hydrangeas

Azaleas offer bright colors and long-lasting blooms.
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For a display of “lasting blooms in vibrant colors,” Phostrogen suggests azaleas and hydrangeas.

The spokesperson said: “Line borders that are exposed to dappled sunlight with a variety of colors for best effect. Just make sure they don’t have too much sunlight to burn or too little of sunlight to prevent flowering.

They are heath plants, meaning they “prefer acidic soil with a pH below six”. A specialist fertilizer can provide “a much-needed iron supplement and the ideal soil conditions to thrive”.

4. Ivy

A climbing plant can brighten up a
Ivy and other creepers can brighten up a dark corner and even hide an eyesore.
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Ivy is extremely versatile, according to Smithson, “able to tolerate a wide range of soil conditions and happy in shady or sunny positions.

“With self-tying stems, it can be grown on walls or fences and is ideal for brightening up a dark corner or hiding an eyesore.”

Your local wildlife will also appreciate it, as it can provide “shelter and nesting space for many species and, if allowed to mature, will provide a valuable source of fall nectar for bees and hoverflies and a supply of berries for ‘winter for the birds’.

5. Artificial plants

Artificial Plants
Faux foliage requires no gardening skills.

Interior designer Sanel Konyar thinks you should never overlook artificial plants when planning to brighten up your home or garden.

Konyar, who runs online store Interior Kollection, said Newsweek“Not everyone has the commitment or even the natural light to accommodate live plants. Buying artificial plants can be an investment upfront, but they last forever, maintenance is minimal, and their impact on a room can be magnificent.”


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