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Louisiana supervisors review video of state police unit to investigate if there is a history of abuse in its interactions with blacks, sources say
Greene died on May 10, 2019, after what state police described as resistance to arrest and a fight with soldiers. However, his family said state police told them Greene died in a car crash after a police chase, and their lawyers accused police and state officials of engaging in the incident. a cover-up.
Three officers involved in Greene’s death were disciplined, with one recently fired for an excessive force incident not involving Greene. Another completed a 50-hour suspension and returned to work awaiting the outcome of the review by federal and state authorities. One officer was to be fired but died before he could be fired.

Regarding the review of the F Troop videos, a source, who is currently a state official, said that the state police panel reviewing the videos is simply “a policy and a procedure.” But two sources with knowledge of the process said the panel was specifically investigating whether the F Troop’s interactions with black motorists involved a pattern of excessive force.

“This is not a group of people in a dark room locked up,” the official state source said.

When contacted for comment, LSP spokesman Nick Manale said: “It is no secret that LSP supervisors regularly review camera footage to ensure the safety of officers, compliance with LSP policy and appropriate interactions with the public. “

A second source familiar with the panel told CNN that it is standard for the LSP to assign supervisors statewide to review videos of all soldiers, but especially if there is “any indication or suspicion reprehensible acts of reprehensible acts by a troop, in this case Troupe F. “

“Typically this panel would be made up of individuals from the Colonel’s staff,” the source added.

CNN’s Jamiel Lynch, Ryan Young and Eric Levenson contributed to this report.


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