Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum Fan Film Back Online After Warner Bros. Takedown

Update: The Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum fan film has re-emerged online after Warner Bros. issued a copyright strike against the 15-year-old video a day after a film of the same name was announced.

Available again on YouTube, The Hunt for Gollum was initially removed because it “contained content from Warner Bros. Entertainment who blocked it on copyright grounds.” But the fan film remained offline for less than 24 hours.

Warner Bros. has yet to release a statement on the matter, and the video itself contains no reference to the brief takedown.

“It seems like the fan movement today (many posts) helped get the movie back on YouTube,” Adrian Webster, who played Aragorn in the Hunt for Gollum fan film, told IGN in an email. email. “It’s nice to know there’s a little love for what we did.”

“We are happy to see that the film has already been reinstated,” adds Chris Bouchard, who directed The Hunt for Gollum. “Maybe it was an automatic copyright block because of the same title. It’s not entirely clear. Regardless, we’re glad it was released. new online now.”

Original story: After announcing The Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum as a Peter Jackson-produced film scheduled for 2026, Warner Bros. filed a copyright strike against a fan film of the same name even though it has been live on YouTube for 15 years.

The Hunt for Gollum was announced yesterday, May 9, 2024, as a new Lord of the Rings film starring and directed by original Gollum actor Andy Serkis. But the name itself was familiar to longtime fans of the franchise who had watched Independent Online Cinema’s 2009 fan film, which racked up 13.6 million views on YouTube before being taken offline.

However, when visiting the movie page, the “video unavailable” screen now appears. “This video contains content from Warner Bros. Entertainment, who has blocked it on copyright grounds,” the page reads.

So Lord of the Rings fans were forced to balance excitement over the new film with frustration at Warner Bros. which also took something away from the community.

“These greedy assholes can’t help but hoard every penny, like Smaug. The video has already been viewed 13 million times and has existed peacefully for all these years.

“This is so lame,” said Delicious_Series3869 on a Reddit post discussing the removal. “These greedy bastards can’t help but hoard every penny, like Smaug. The video has already been viewed 13 million times and has existed peacefully for all these years.” IGN has requested comment from Warner Bros.

Before the film’s withdrawal, the team behind The Hunt for Gollum was positive about Warner Bros. upcoming movie. In an email sent to IGN before the video was removed from YouTube, Chris Bouchard, the fan film’s director, called it “very exciting news.”

“I think with Gollum complete, the story has the potential to be much broader in scope than we could get with Gollum talking in a bag for most of it,” Bouchard told us. “After all, we could only manage one full CG shot of Gollum on our budget (the last shot of the short!).”

Adrian Webster, who plays Aragorn in the short, also expressed his enthusiasm for the film in an email to IGN, saying he would return for the big screen version “if I thought there was any love for me for doing it; either from the fanbase or the Warner team.

“Maybe if I get the chance to meet them, that could be the starting point,” he said. “After that, it’s the character…where is Aragorn at that time? How can we learn that? My personal journey took me away from acting shortly after the film was made; but there are some things in life that you can’t say no to. Perhaps it’s like Tolkien wrote: not all who wander are lost.

The Hunt for Gollum is the first of two new live-action Lord of the Rings films. In announcing the new film, Warner Bros. CEO and Chairman David Zaslav said the franchise was “vastly underutilized” and that his company was “working hard to fix that.”

Adaptations of author JRR Tolkien’s original work are arriving in droves across the entertainment world. Amazon followed up The Lord of the Rings with its Rings of Power TV show, season 1 of which was released in 2022 on Prime Video. A second season was announced before Season 1 even released, and before Season 2 premiered, Season 3 was also confirmed.

The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim is a new animated film that will tell the story of the fortress of Helm’s Deep and the powerful king of Rohan, Helm Hammerhand. It will premiere on December 13, 2024.

Video game adaptations are also in full swing, despite Gollum’s disastrous launch in 2023. Franchise owner Embracer Group mirrored Zaslav’s comments by saying it needed to “exploit Lord of the Rings in a very meaningful way” by making it “one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world.”

Games in development currently include a Lord of the Rings massively multiplayer online game from Amazon Games, which was in the early stages of development as of May 2023, and a comfortable life simulator called Tales of the Shire.

Ryan Dinsdale is a freelance journalist for IGN. He’ll talk about The Witcher all day.

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