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Loopsider reveals new video of violent arrest of producer Michel Zecler in Paris – RT in english

In the case of the music producer violently arrested by police officials on November 21 in Paris, the Loopsider media broadcast a new video of the intervention filmed from a balcony.

The Loopsider media is publishing a new video on November 27 that shows another angle of the violent arrest on November 21 by Michel Zecler, music producer in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. The video is taken from a balcony by a neighbor of the arrested man. According to David Perrotin, the journalist behind the revelations that made the political class react, “it shows a police officer beating the victim in front of all his colleagues while she is immobilized on the ground”.

On November 26, Gérald Darmanin said he would ask for the dismissal of three police officers suspended after their implication in the arrest of Michel Zecler, “if justice finds a fault”.

A fourth official has been suspended. Emmanuel Macron himself said he was “very shocked” by the video of the arrest of the music producer. He calls for sanctions against the police officers involved.

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