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London sends patrols near Jersey

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After French threats of retaliation against the United Kingdom in the post-Brexit conflict between the two countries over fishing off the Channel Islands, London announced on Wednesday the dispatch of two patrol vessels near Jersey.

The UK on Wednesday (May 5th) announced the dispatch of two British Navy patrol ships near Jersey, located in the English Channel, after France hinted it could cut off electricity to the island, against a backdrop of post-Brexit conflict over fishing between London and Paris.

France threatened on Tuesday to take retaliatory action against the UK following new conditions imposed by British authorities on French fishermen off the Channel Islands. She denounced conditions, according to her, contrary to the trade agreement concluded between the European Union and the United Kingdom following Brexit.

After speaking with representatives of Jersey on the hypothesis of a blockade of France, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson affirmed his “unwavering support” for the island. He also underlined “the urgent need for a de-escalation of tensions”, reported a spokesman for the British leader. “As a precaution, the UK will send two patrol vessels to monitor the situation,” the spokesperson added.


French Minister of the Sea, Annie Girardin, expressed her “disgust” on Tuesday when she learned that the island of Jersey had issued licenses with conditions imposed unilaterally – including a limit on the length of access granted to French fishermen to its waters.

“In the (post-Brexit) agreement, there are retaliatory measures and we are ready to use them”, she had declared before the National Assembly, evoking “for example the transmission of electricity by cable under- sailor “for Jersey.

The island of 108,000 inhabitants imports 95% of its electricity from France, according to data from the energy specialist S&P Global Platts.

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