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Local mom sets up community group to help clean up trash ‘one bag at a time’

(WXYZ) – Brighton mother Ashleigh Tucker is a big fan of walks.

In fact, she says after having her first child, it was a great way to enjoy the great outdoors.

“I really like going out,” she said.

But it was during these walks that she began to notice something.

“I noticed there was a growing problem with the waste and especially now with the masks. So that really fueled a more concerted effort, to see just more masks than straws, more masks than plastic.” , Ashleigh said.

Photos courtesy of Ashleigh Tucker

So, a year ago, she started bringing a garbage collector and a garbage bag with her.

“I don’t touch anything. I don’t get dirty, and at the end of my walk I have a huge trash bag that goes in my trash. And I know it’s not going anywhere else, it isn’t. sitting in my town, ”she said.

Garbage bag after garbage bag, Ashleigh was picking up piles of garbage, documenting her findings all the way from plastics to PPE.

Local mom sets up community group to help clean up trash ‘one bag at a time’

Photos courtesy of Ashleigh Tucker

“The masks were frustrating. There were probably around 45 the first day I really counted. And the good thing is you see less and less of them, but you still see them,” a- she declared.

Mike Csapo, chief executive of the Southwest Oakland County Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority, said that while they haven’t noticed a big problem with people trying to recycle PPE, he discourages people from trying to recycle PPE. people to just throw them where they want.

“Throw it in their regular trash. You know, I think most types of PPE will be single use or limited use. So put it in a plastic bag with your trash and put it in your trash… I don’t think anyone really wants to take care of your worn out face mask, ”he says.

Ashleigh certainly doesn’t want to deal with other people’s garbage, but she does, turning it into a game for her kids to chase after the “Litter Critter.”

Local mom sets up community group to help clean up trash ‘one bag at a time’

Photos courtesy of Ashleigh Tucker

“These kids are learning everything from us, our good and our bad. And so if we could provide more good, something that will make a difference over time, that can change, then there is nothing better than that. “she said.

Her son Cameron also has a message for this Litter Critter.

When asked “what do you want the little creature to know?” He replied, “That he shouldn’t throw away the garbage.”

Ashleigh even started a community Facebook group called “One Bag at a Time”, hoping to encourage others to start cleaning up their outdoor adventures.

“I … made a lot of change just picking up one bag at a time, walking around with my kids, going downtown and being able to clean up the area has been incredibly rewarding,” she said. declared.

Local mom sets up community group to help clean up trash ‘one bag at a time’

Photos courtesy of Ashleigh Tucker

She added, “I’m just one person. But, you know, if you can inspire that change, inspire someone who wants to do the same and can get gratitude out of it, that’s the best thing to do. come.”

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