Lizzo Reacts to ‘South Park’ Spoof About a Fake Weight-Loss Drug

Lizzo was the headliner at the Governors Ball 2023 music festival.
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  • Lizzo’s name was mentioned in the special “South Park: The End of Obesity”.
  • The characters in the series claim that the new drug “Lizzo” helps patients overcome their weight loss concerns.
  • Lizzo was the subject of a lawsuit filed last year claiming she shamed dancers because of their weight.

Lizzo is taking a draw, because she thinks her efforts to normalize body positivity have finally paid off — and she feels great about it.

The “Truth Hurts” singer, who came under investigation last year after a lawsuit accused her of subjecting former dancers to a hostile work environment, was mentioned in “South Park: The End of Obesity”. The special debuted Friday and shows characters saying a new weight management drug has hit the market to rival Ozempic and Mounjaro.

But unlike these drugs – which revolutionized the weight loss industry and helped patients control their hunger – it was explained in a fake infomercial that this fictional alternative works a little differently.

Lizzo, the fictional drug, takes its name from the singer. In the “South Park” special infomercial, the characters claim that anyone’s weight worries will simply disappear. “In case studies, 70% of patients on Lizzo no longer cared about their weight,” says a fictional commercial voiceover. “Lizzo helps you eat whatever you want and minimize your physical activity,” adds the anonymous advertiser.

Lizzo responded by posting a video of herself watching the scene and offering her real-time reaction on Instagram.

“Guys, my worst fear has come true,” she said before watching the clip. She stared, speechless, raising her hand to cover her face. But at the end of the scene, she seemed proud.

“I really showed the world how to love each other and not give a fuck, to the point where these men from Colorado know who I am and put it in their cartoon that’s been around for 25 years,” Lizzo said in the video. The first episode of “South Park” was released on Comedy Central in August 1997, according to IMDb.

Lizzo’s musical career has featured songs about espousing the ideals of self-confidence and embracing one’s natural form. But last year, the singer was sued by three former backup dancers who said she and her team engaged in shaming, sexual harassment and even detained a dancer against her will.

The suit claimed that one dancer was even questioned by Lizzo and her choreographer about her commitment to her work after gaining weight.

Earlier this year, a California judge put the case on hold when Lizzo appealed a ruling that allowed the lawsuit to move forward in the first place. Billboard reported that the judge’s decision could delay the case for up to several months.

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