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Liz Cheney-Trump-McCarthy triangle proves Republican Party is far from at its lowest

It is very likely that next week House Republicans will call for votes to remove Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., The third House Republican, from her leadership position as Speaker of the Republican Conference of bedroom. The reason? She believes in the fundamental democracy of our country, and she is not afraid to say it – again and again and more than again.

This is the leadership that Republicans should be supporting. Instead, they stand in the shadows and hope that she either disappears or is silent.

She is also not afraid of former President Donald Trump, nor of the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. Cheney has repeatedly called the Jan. 6 insurgency “a threat to democracy” – a surprisingly controversial statement given what all of America has seen on live television.

This is the leadership of the republicans should be supportive. Instead, they stand in the shadows and hope that she either disappears or is silent. Instead of backing her peers, one of Cheney’s biggest supporters right now is parliamentary majority leader Nancy Pelosi, who hardly agrees with her colleague on anything – except, maybe – be, the danger posed by Trump.

This should sound familiar to you. In February, Cheney’s leadership position was at stake because of his vote to impeach Trump. She told her lecture that it was a vote of conscience – a word many in the room probably must have watched.

In that closed-door meeting, Cheney also spoke of promoting Republican values, like lowering taxes and limited government, and promoting American values ​​- like removing white supremacy. But his sense of conviction was too strong for colleagues like Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly, who responded with the kind of misogyny that would have made Trump proud.

“You look in the stands and see your girlfriend on the opposition side,” Kelly said. “It’s a hard thing to swallow.”

The conference vote was taken by secret ballot. Perhaps this anonymity saved Cheney: While most members of her party are too scared to publicly stand up to Trump, 145 members voted with her, with 61 against.

Since then, Cheney has remained true to its values. She maintained the importance of a bipartisan commission to investigate the violence on Capitol Hill. She believes President Joe Biden was legally elected President of the United States. These two facts should be obvious to any member of Congress who supports and believes in the US Constitution. And yet, here we are.

What has the GOP been unified on except something to do with Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss?

Republicans in Washington know Cheney is right. They just don’t care. They talk about the need for unity as they strive to regain control of the House in 2022. But what has the GOP been unified on, other than something to do with Mr. Potato Head and the Dr Seuss? Republicans (in the House in particular) have not offered a constructive political position and have not shown much interest in working with Democrats on reforms.

With the exception of a few other dissidents, the only message that emerges from the Republican House conference is their support for Trump’s “big lie”.

On Monday, with the vote likely to come to strip her of her leading headline position, Cheney doubled down in a Tweeter. This time, she called on her fellow Republicans: “The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims this is the case is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their backs on the rule of law and poisoning our democratic system.

Many former Republicans and current Republicans who supported Biden (including me) applauded. We appreciate that Cheney planted his flag on the right side of history. But our appreciation was short-lived. Because, while his position is admirable, the reality is that being right, being principled or being honorable no longer matters to Republicans in Washington or to Republicans in leadership positions at the state level. part.

Trump still owns the Republican Party, and most of its members don’t even realize they sold their souls to him. Trump has sold the conservative base a narrative in which they are victims, even though it is he and his allies who are attacking American democracy.

You cannot break through this wall of illusion; the truth is twisted and Trump’s carnival of fun mirrors won’t be leaving town anytime soon.

As impossible as it may seem, the GOP has not hit rock bottom, not even close. The party does not want to abandon Donald Trump and Trumpism; rather, it would bring down the farce of true conservatives like Utah Sen. Mitt Romney and Cheney. I hear a lot of people discussing the emergence of a “new wing” of the Republican Party. But that will not happen. The party’s Cheneys and Romneys will be long gone by the time the Republican Party turns around.

Until then, the GOP will continue to appoint the most extreme representatives. Perhaps, in time, such extremism will overthrow state and local leaders of power. But when? It will be a long and ugly time for the party. We thought Trump was the worst. But it turns out that the worst is yet to come.

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