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Livingston will travel to the Scottish League Cup final in a convoy of cars – and manager David Martindale still expects Efe Ambrose to get lost on his way to Hampden Park.

The coronavirus and financial restrictions mean Livingston will forgo the tradition of staying in a hotel before Sunday’s centerpiece against St Johnstone and will not travel by coach.

Livingston considered using the Dakota Hotel Eurocentral next to M8 but decided to keep pre-game preparations as easy as possible.

Livingston to travel to Scottish League Cup final in a convoy of cars

“We were hoping to use Dakota for a pre-game meal, that would give us a little ride and a luxury pre-game meal,” said Martindale, who saw Marvin Bartley and Scott Robinson return to practice afterwards. to have missed one. play by injury.

“But we can’t do that because in order to use the Dakota facilities, the new regulations mean we’ll have to stay overnight.

“I spoke to the boys and most of the team are within half an hour of the Dakota, and we just thought it would be a little bit prejudicial to leave your house on Saturday night and be alone in a room, to wake up clean, then go and have a pre-game as a team.

“Instead of spending time with your family and waking up in the morning and maybe the kids talking about the cup final, your wife gives you a hug and a kiss while talking about the cup final.

“We’re going to have our pre-game meal at the stadium and then we’ll all head to Hampden in our cars. It’s not ideal but it’s the best of a bad situation.”

Livingston players to travel to Scottish League Cup final in Hampden in their own cars, says David Martindale |  Football News


Highlights from the Scottish Premierhip game between St Mirren and Livingston.

New rules on social distancing while traveling will ensure that travel to south Glasgow is unusual.

“I don’t see any other way around this,” Martindale said. “We could have taken five buses, but I just didn’t see it cost effective – six players on a bus.

“If the fans were at the game you would want to be on a bus through Hampden and see the fans go to the game and that would be a fantastic opportunity. But there won’t be any fans in the stadium and it’s going to be different anyway. .

“We will all ride in our cars as a team. It’s very similar to what the staff did in the semi-finals, we all went in our cars while the players were on two buses. But since the Aberdeen trip when the players left were made to isolate themselves when they were more than two meters on the bus, we don’t think it is worth it.

“Guaranteed someone will always get lost. Someone will get to Parkhead or Ibrox or something. One hundred percent. I’m not going to name any names but I’m going to make sure I’m behind Efe and Marv. is in front of Efe so we can get him there. “

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