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Jamie Carragher says Liverpool’s ‘mentality monsters’ are now like ‘mentality dwarfs’ following their 1-0 loss to Fulham on Super Sunday.

Liverpool’s sixth consecutive home defeat in the Premier League sees their chances of making the top four longer, the latest blow in an alarming meltdown for last season’s title winners.

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp previously described his side as “ monsters of mentality ” for a streak of comeback and last-breath wins over the previous two seasons, but Carragher says the team in this moment feels more like ‘mentality dwarfs’ after Burnley’s home losses. , Brighton, Man City, Everton, Chelsea and now Fulham, scoring just once in those six games.

Roy Keane and Graeme Souness also had their say in another disappointment for Liverpool at Anfield in the Sky Sports studio.


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Carra: Monsters of mentality? More like mentality dwarfs

Liverpool mentality monsters?  More like the dwarf mentality as the crisis deepens |  Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane |  Football News
Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool have lost six consecutive Premier League games at Anfield

Jamie Carragher from Sky Sports:

“So often at these stadiums last season, Liverpool have scored late goals, even the previous year as they were chasing Man City. This man [Jurgen Klopp] rightly called his side the “monsters of mentality” and they deserved that label. But for the moment, they are like “mentality dwarfs”.

“Anytime there’s a little bit of adversity, that you’re late in a game, his team just isn’t handling adversity well at any stage in the last three or four months.

“It’s not acceptable from Liverpool, that kind of performance, and I’ll tell you what, I played for really poor Liverpool teams.

“These defeats, at home, against the level of the opposition, you have to find something somewhere. It looks like the top four positions are now far away.”

Keane: time of crisis for Liverpool

Liverpool mentality monsters?  More like the dwarf mentality as the crisis deepens |  Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane |  Football News


Roy Keane says Liverpool are not currently playing as a team and are now a club in crisis.

Roy Keane from Sky Sports:

“The biggest worry I would have for Liverpool is that they don’t play as a team.

“The signs have been there for a few months, you’re like ‘are they really that bad? “… It is the moment of crisis for Liverpool now.

“They don’t play as a team and that should be the manager’s biggest worry.”

Souness: Liverpool players did not resist the challenge


Souness: Liverpool are ‘so average’

Graeme Souness from Sky Sports:

“When you’re a gamer and you win a big trophy, it’s parked. Enjoy it for a week. Then every day you’re lying on a beach thinking about the challenges ahead.

“I would say some of these players didn’t.” Let’s take advantage of the moment, this may never happen to us again. “

“It’s about winning over and over and over again.

“It’s unfathomable. It doesn’t mean how a team can go from so good to so average. It’s okay to ask questions about the manager but it’s about the players.

“Jurgen Klopp found out at that exact moment what he has in his dressing room. Some of them didn’t rise to the challenge.”

Falling Liverpool statistics

  • Liverpool have lost six straight home league games, their longest run of all time, as they are the first team to lose six in a row at home in the Premier League from Huddersfield Town in February 2019 (seven).
  • Liverpool’s six league losses at Anfield in 2020-21 are the biggest in a single campaign since 1953-54 (also six), when the Reds finished bottom of the top flight.
  • Liverpool are now winless in their last eight home games in the Premier League (D2 L6), only once before entering a top-flight winless race at Anfield – 10 games between October 1951 and March 1952.
  • Excluding penalties and home goals, Liverpool have failed to score in each of their last 115 shots at Anfield in the Premier League (including 16 today). Considering we have exact shooting times available in the competition (2006-07), this is the longest scoring streak of this type at home from all sides.

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