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Broadway is back, but not in New York: “Hamilton”, “Frozen”, “Come From Away” and “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” are all safely operational in Australia, and “Moulin Rouge!” The Musical ”begins the rehearsals there. Join Times Theater Reporter Michael paulson and head of the Sydney office Damien cave for an exploration of how the reopening works and what it means for New York and the West End.

The cast of ‘Frozen’ will perform ‘For the first time ever’, from the beaches and streets of Sydney, and the ‘Come From Away’ ensemble will offer a passionate rendition of ‘Me and the Sky’ anthem of ‘ Come From Away ”, which we filmed on stage at Her Majesty’s Theater in Melbourne.

We will talk about performances and protocols with the Australian stars Jemma rix, who plays Elsa in “Frozen”, and Gareth Reeves, who plays Harry Potter in “The Cursed Child”, as well as with an American actor, Sharriese hamilton, who moved to Australia to find work in “Come From Away”.

And we’ll talk about what it all means with some of the industry’s most innovative producers, including Carmen pavlovic of “Moulin Rouge!” Seller Jeffrey of “Hamilton” and Sue frost of “Come From Away”.

Plus: We’ll hear from Australian theatergoers, whom you might recognize, and some of whom are just eager to see a show.

This is all part of the next installment of Offstage, our series on creating drama during the pandemic.

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