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Listen to the United States or prepare for escalation – the choice is Israel’s – POLITICO

It took Israel almost a week to respond – and when it did, it struck an air defense system near Isfahan, which is home to critical nuclear facilities. It was a “signaling strike” intended to send two messages: we can strike you whenever and wherever we want, but we do not want a larger war.

All this makes Washington deeply anxious and more determined than ever to put an end to the escalation of pressures in the region. In recent months, the Biden team has redoubled its efforts to achieve a diplomatic breakthrough with Saudi Arabia, which, before October 7, had declared itself open to normalizing relations with Israel at the right price.

And that price is high – but Washington appears willing to pay its share. The Biden administration has apparently agreed to provide legally binding security guarantees to Saudi Arabia, similar to those it has with Japan and other Asian allies. And most strikingly, they appear willing to help Saudi Arabia acquire a civilian nuclear program, including uranium enrichment facilities that would be owned and operated by the United States but located on the Saudi soil.

All this makes Washington deeply anxious and more determined than ever to put an end to the escalation of pressures in the region. | Miriam Alster/Pool/AFP via Getty Images

However, the key to a final deal does not lie in Washington or Riyadh – it lies in Israel. Or, more precisely, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet.

The United States and Saudi Arabia demand that Israel accept a clear and measurable “pathway” to a Palestinian state. They also want conditions in Gaza to improve significantly, so that an international force can be deployed to begin the long and difficult process of reconstruction.

But Netanyahu was clear. He doesn’t want any path, much less a Palestinian state. He wants Israel to control Gaza and the West Bank – but obviously without taking responsibility for the well-being of its population.

However, Washington and Riyadh offer Israel a better choice. Saudi-Israeli normalization would create a solid foundation to counter Iran and its axis of resistance. It would also lead the United States, Israel and Gulf Arab countries to form a binding coalition opposing Iran’s regional plans and destabilization.

The alternative is simply more chaos, more war and more escalation. The choice is Israel’s.


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