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LISTEN: State of Mind’s Dr Phil Cooper on Golden Point Podcast |  Rugby League News

Dr Cooper joins Sky Sports rugby league expert Phil Clarke and host Marc Bazeley to discuss all aspects of mental health in sport, and in particular how work is done to wrestle against abuse faced by match officials.

Last updated: 06/09/21 9:09 am

State of Mind’s Dr Phil Cooper is our podcast guest this week

On this week’s episode of the Golden Point Podcast, we’re joined by Dr. Phil Cooper of the State of Mind Mental Health Charity.

Dr Cooper tells host Marc Bazeley and Air sports Rugby league expert Phil Clarke talks about the organization’s work and growth over the past decade since its founding under tragic circumstances.

In addition to the work done with players and clubs at all levels of the rugby league, there is also an overview of State of Mind’s work with match officials.

In particular, Dr Cooper describes the research being done around public servants and how they are affected by abuse, as well as what is being done to address these issues.

Additionally, Dr. Cooper gives us his Rugby League Wish List and describes what the future holds for State of Mind.

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