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Life resumes in New York, manpower shortage in Puerto Rico, reconstruction in Gaza

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In this issue of “Correspondances”, find some of the reports shot by our network of correspondents around the world. This week, France 24 takes you to New York, Puerto Rico, Gaza and Cameroon.

Our reports this week:

> To new York, where residents are returning to normal life, vaccination against Covid-19 is continuing at a breakneck pace. A report by Loubna Anaki

> The farms of Porto Rico lack of arms. Attracted by the higher wages they can find in the United States, farm workers are leaving this archipelago. The island is forced to turn to foreign workers. A report by Laurence Cuvillier and Matthieu Comin

> The reconstruction of Gaza is a real obstacle course for entrepreneurs who are struggling to get the equipment they need into the territory. A report by Gwendoline Denobo

> To Cameroon, plastic waste is a scourge that makes the Wouri River one of the most polluted in Africa. Our correspondents went to meet an association which is fighting to clean it up. A report by Marcel Amoko and Tony Menga


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