Liberal fanatics want to cancel mothers, replace them with people who give birth

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Last week, video of a heated Senate hearing went viral, featuring GOP Senator Josh Hawley confronting Berkeley law professor Khiara Bridges over our latest culture war football, if men can get pregnant. It’s worth watching and breaking down, as it perfectly captures the definitional impasse we find ourselves in when it comes to gender and biological sex.

Hawley asked the witness if the term “persons with childbearing capacity” meant “women”. Bridges responded by outlining her position that some non-trans women do not have the ability to get pregnant and some trans men do. But it’s what happened next that’s not only eye-opening, but also chilling.

With a nervous, condescending laugh, Bridges interrupted the line of questioning to tell Hawley, “I want to acknowledge that your line of questioning is transphobic. And it opens up trans people to violence by not acknowledging them.” She pointed to high suicide rates among trans people and asked Hawley if he believed men could get pregnant, to which Hawley, echoing the views of most Americans, said “no.”


According to Bridges and the American left, even wondering out loud if men can be pregnant is an immoral act of violence that should not be tolerated. But here’s the thing, the belief that men can become women or vice versa is just that, a belief, an opinion. You can line up experts from here in Timbuktu to seriously say that science says trans women are women, period, but that’s still an opinion.

Is it a person giving birth? In this photo a laughing mother holding her baby on April 21, 2020 in Bonn, Germany.
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The problem the trans movement, and Democrats for that matter, have today is that fewer and fewer people, especially those in power, will be silenced by vague accusations of bigotry. When we see male swimmers dominating women, when we see men in prisons and women’s shelters, we will no longer just say that women have to tolerate it or that they literally cause violence.

What was fascinating about the exchange was the complete certainty with which Bridges scolded a somewhat stunned Hawley. It wasn’t his opinion that he was transphobic, it was a fact. Let’s assume the left acts in good faith in trying to protect trans people, as we all should. Even if that is their goal, the implications of gender erasure for parents are profound, far-reaching, and definitely need to be discussed, not imposed.

According to a 2018 article in the journal Contemporary Pediatrics, parents surveyed preferred the terms “mom” and “dad” when mentioned by doctors over all options, including first name or title. Most parents remember when their eldest child was born, when a doctor or nurse called them mom or dad for the first time and reality set in. I’m a mom now, I’m a dad now, no, I’m a child person or sperm supplier, now.

It has been said that, very importantly, language is not only the vehicle of our thoughts, but also the engine. What annoys so many Americans about these antiseptic terms like “birthing person” is that they intentionally remove all cultural meaning from the old term, “mother.” The term does not imply any love or care, just a body harboring a cluster of cells. And of course, that’s exactly how the left sees abortion and surrogacy, a person who gives birth does not carry their child, as much as a potential life that may as well belong to society or to the State.


The ivory tower pundits may have already decided that we should give up thousands of years of calling parents mothers and fathers, words known in every language, but the American people did not. If the elites want to be successful in convincing the rest of us to use someone who gives birth, or someone capable of having a pregnancy, let’s hope that never happens. This will have to be done through persuasion, not the kind of moral bullying that Bridges directs at Hawley.

The term that is emerging right now to refer to almost all of the left’s sexual politics is “bodily autonomy.” It is used to advocate for abortion, transgender surgery for children, surrogacy and sex work. It’s all connected now, in fact the hearing in question last week was apparently about abortion.


Words matter, those that are old and cherished tend towards human connection and love, those newly created to redefine gender tend towards a scientism of disconnection.

Old words passed down for millennia that convey the true spirit of a mother and father’s bond with their children will not pass from our society. We need them, they are an integral part of what makes us human.



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