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“Let’s Go” – John Fury takes on Tyson Fury against Francis Ngannou and calls Mike Tyson to his face

It was once again the John Fury show at the Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou press conference.

The two men are scheduled to face off on Saturday night in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, but you would have thought we were getting ready to watch John Fury vs. Mike Tyson judging by the presser.


John Fury kicked off the press conferenceCredit: X: @boxingontnt
He even had to be held back by security


He even had to be held back by securityCredit: X: @boxingontnt
And it inspired Fury and Ngannou to stand up too


And it inspired Fury and Ngannou to stand up tooCredit: X: @boxingontnt

It started out amicably, with Fury and Ngannou even thanking each other for the opportunity, but then John was invited on stage and all hell broke loose.

John began his speech with some niceties, congratulating everyone on stage for their boxing achievements, before adding: “But, you know what, give me a special mention.

“The man who raised him, John Fury, fears no man on Earth. No matter what they did, no matter the accolades.”

“Here I am!” » John shouted. “Any man alive wants to fight John Fury. I’m here and ready to go, Mike Tyson, what do you have to say to that, brother?”

Tyson initially brushed the question aside, focusing on the fight at hand, before John intervened again and said: “Let me tell you brother, the world is going to see what happens to your man.”

“Your man is going to get his head cut off and arrested at will buddy, don’t worry about that. And if I’m wrong, you and I will fight right after.”

“Yeah,” Tyson responded enthusiastically, while John continued, “You and I will fight no matter the outcome.”

After Fury and Ngannou said their piece, John couldn’t help but intervene once again, standing up and shouting, “My son can’t be beaten.”

Ngannou’s team with Tyson then started singing “Francis” over and over to drown out John.

But John didn’t take kindly to that as he walked around the front of the stage to confront Ngannou and Tyson, while being held back by security.

“All day I’m with you, let’s do it,” Tyson said in response to John.

That high energy then seemed to transfer to Fury and Ngannou as, by the end of the press conference, both men were standing and exchanging insults.

“I’ll knock you out, game over, cold, no problem, no doubt, that right hand is going to explode in your face, big bad dosser,” Fury said.

Ngannou then promised to knock out Fury in less than six rounds, before “The Gypsy King” continued: “I know you can’t punch, no power… look at him, he’s a big sausage .”

“Yeah, I’m big but you used to knock people out when you were big,” Ngannou replied as Fury burst out laughing and admitted: “That’s right, I’ll give him that.”


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