Left-leaning school board member calls black conservatives ‘token’

Elizabeth Andersen, a left-leaning school board member in Duval County, Florida, used a racial slur to describe black conservative mothers who disagree with her agenda during a videoconference with activists.

The county, which is consolidated with the city of Jacksonville, holds school board elections on August 23 in which Andersen’s seat is contested. The results will be decided in the evening.

Andersen said, criticizing parenting rights group Moms for Liberty: “So we have Quisha King – April Carney is my opponent – ​​Tia Bess is another one who has a child with special needs and they will often present her in sort of like a token nobody because everyone is doing things that are harmful to kids with special needs, and that’s to push that agenda forward,” Andersen said, criticizing parent advocacy group Moms for Liberty. [Emphasis added].

Andersen, who is also a mental health counselor, was speaking to the Beaches Activists.


Bess, who is a parenting advocate and volunteer with Moms for Liberty, told Breitbart News she got involved in the Moms for Liberty movement because her son was ‘trapped in ESE purgatory’ – the programs ESE part of the Florida Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student. Services for students with specific learning accommodations.

She explained that her son, who has been diagnosed with autism, also has 50 per cent hearing loss and struggles to mask up due to his ‘extreme sensory issues’ and is ‘just learning to communicate’ .

“We finally left the county,” she said. “My son is now in grade 2, he can ride a bike and tie his shoes. He is thriving and working above grade level and passed from ESE to gifted test. All the progress my son has made is due to the efforts of my family. We did not let it slip through the cracks of the ESE program.

King, who is a mom, parenting rights activist, host of King Quisha Show podcast, and formerly a Moms for Liberty volunteer, told Breitbart News that the “token” as a “racial slur meant to say a black person is being used by white people” has been around for decades to demean black people who do not fall in line with leftist ideology.

“It’s good for the left as long as I promote their approach,” Bess said. “If I’m burning towns or being a half-dressed background dancer, it’s okay to be vocal. However, because I’m standing up for my son’s needs, I’m reviled. I refuse to be bullied by the left-wing tactics.

These “tactics” speak to broader political insecurity within the left, she said, adding: “They don’t want black voters to speak out. They can get away with these claims because people who look like me are intimidated to speak up. Maybe they are afraid of losing their jobs. Maybe they are afraid of what the neighbors will say. When I told my mother that I was going to report the school board, she was afraid for my safety. It is the mental prison in which they imprison people of color. I refuse to be part of this political matrix.

King said Andersen and others on the left are able to get away with this kind of language because the establishment media will cover them.

“People like Elizabeth are able to get away with this behavior for a number of reasons: the mainstream media is generally silent about it and covers it up, and they have black people like Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross who will cosign their racism. He denounces the racism of the left. They don’t care about parents or kids who have legitimate questions about the program, story, etc. because if you’re black and you disagree with them, you’re illegitimate. They are perfectly fine with racism as long as they promote it,” she continued.

Carney, a mother who is working to unseat Andersen in next week’s election, told Breitbart News that Andersen ran for the seat in 2018 as a “moderate conservative” but has since stood down. in bed with teachers’ unions and promoted anti-parent and anti-student policies.

“A recent donation of $100,000.00 from the American Federation of Teachers to its policy committee, Kids First Duval, has many people wondering if it is really for our students and teachers, or just for unions and the bureaucrats,” Carney said.

“She has divided this community by engaging in very partisan events that do not represent the majority of her district,” she continued. “In 2021, when she was president, she defied the governor and broke the law by continuing to mask children, which was a violation of the parental bill of rights.”

“Last month, she voted for a resolution to make school protests worthwhile uses of instructional time,” Carney said. “Last year, only 48% of Year 3 students scored Level 3 (level) on the FSA exam. There is a lot of learning loss to make up for because of the pandemic and we should be focusing on that, not political indoctrination.

Regarding Andersen’s use of racial slurs, Carney also pointed to the bias of the media giving coverage to leftists, saying, “They shouldn’t be able to get away with these disgusting slurs and I appreciate that. attention that some media outlets give to this problem. Unfortunately, the media who spread lies and innuendo about our campaign cover my opponent for this awkward and uncomfortable truth that has come out.

April Carney, April Carney for Duval County School Board District 2

“An NPR reporter even claimed that her Twitter account was hacked and made ‘private’ when people started sharing this video of my opponent using that term and tagging it in the quote and replies,” wrote she continued. “It’s hard to ignore the deafening silence of the mainstream media on this issue and wonder if they are covering up my opponent for supporting his leftist activism on the school board.”

“It’s not even really a left or right thing, it’s a common sense and common decency thing,” Carney said.

“Away from politics, we know that black and Hispanic families are not aligned with the radical left views championed by activists like my opponent,” she explained. “When faced with challenges by parents of color, they assume their opinions are not genuine because the left thinks they know what’s best and the parents don’t.”

“The left is afraid that even polls released by the teachers’ union prove that most people agree with our sensible approach to governance and want politics out of schools,” Carney continued. “Leave the moral and political education of children in its place, at home. In school, we need to focus on literacy, math and science so they are ready for college or to earn a good living in the job market. There must be a reasonable separation between the child and the state.

Carney told Breitbart News that she decided to run for the school board because Duval County public schools have faced “years of chaos” and although the area is relatively conservative, it has always elected members. “extreme left-wing political activists” to sit on his school board.

“I think the elected representative has to match the character of those being represented, and the incumbent and her radical leftist views are completely out of step with the electorate,” she said. “I am proud of my friends Quisha King, Tia Bess and Congressman Byron Donalds (who supported my campaign) and dozens of other common-sense conservatives for sticking to their values ​​in the face of disgusting slander and insults. left-wing activists like my opponent. ”

Carney is running to unseat Andersen in Duval County’s Second School District in the Aug. 23 election.

Breccan F. Thies is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter @BreccanFThies.


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