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LE DUEL DES EDITOS, RT France’s new political program – RT in French


As the major electoral deadline of 2022 approaches, RT France is launching a new program, LE DUEL DES EDITOS.

Boulogne-Billancourt, September 17, 2021 – “LE DUEL DES EDITOS” is the new weekly political program of 26 minutes proposed by RT France. The first issue will be broadcast on Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. In this unique political magazine, the editorial writers Alexis Poulin and Jacques de Guillebon discuss the next presidential election and French political news.

An exchange between two brilliant editorial writers with opposing political opinions can shed a lot of light on the hot topics of the electoral campaign. This frank and direct confrontation will surely give RT France viewers new perspectives on political debates.», Says Xenia Fedorova, President and news director of RT France.

The two editorial writers analyze the news, the subjects which are debated and which will be at the heart of the 2022 campaign; they confront their visions. If their sensibilities and their interpretations differ, their discussions will shed uncompromising light on French political life.

In particular in this presidential year, the debate will need clarity and independent analyzes to go beyond the framework of over-heard little phrases and poll rhythms.», Explains Alexis Poulin.

Politics and debate: nothing more French! Rather than “at the same time”, we never had so much need to compare ideas“, Considers for his part Jacques de Guillebon.

Alexis Poulin is a journalist and entrepreneur in the media sector. Co-founder of the media Le Monde Moderne, he is an editorial writer at RT France.

Jacques de Guillebon is an essayist and journalist. He is the editorial director of the monthly The Incorrect and Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Social, Economic and Political Sciences.


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