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LDNA leader arrested at home (VIDEO) – RT in French

The testimony of a police source quoted by the press corroborated videos of the arrest at his home of the leader of the Black African Defense League (LDNA).

Two weeks after the dissolution of the LDNA for “calling for hatred and discrimination”, the leader of this organization, Sylvain Afoua, who calls himself Egountchi Behanzin, was reportedly arrested at his home.

The event has so far been confirmed by a police source quoted in the press and was the subject of several videos shared on October 12 on social networks.

“Let everyone know, the police want to kill me,” we hear the main concerned loudly during this operation, in a video posted online by the founder of Fdesouche, Pierre Sautarel.

“This arrest is part of the degradation and violence perpetrated within the town hall of Val-de-Reuil (Eure) […] four people have been taken into custody in connection with this case, ”the magazine reported. Current values which explains citing a police source familiar with the case.

As a reminder, individuals broke into the town hall of Val-de-Reuil on September 11, at the call of the LDNA. Fluffy during this intrusion, the socialist mayor of the city, Marc-Antoine Jamet, then denounced the action of “racist and violent individuals”, a week after a community brawl that occurred in this commune of the Eure.

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