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‘Lazy’ Wolfdog Pretending to Howl on Camera Has Internet in Trouble

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A wolfdog called lazy by his owner has been praised after appearing to fake howl for a video.

Dogs are well known for their barks, but wolfdog Phoenix showed she could fake hers in a viral clip shared on TikTok by the account @wanderwithwillow. In the footage, Phoenix could be seen preparing to let out a loud howl, but, as the video progressed, it became clear that no sound would come out and that it was a fake attempt to get one.

A wolfdog howling outside. A similar dog called Phoenix has left social media users angry with his fake howl.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) says that wild dogs and wolves share more than 99% of their DNA.

The AKC added that wolfdogs became more popular after the HBO series aired. Game Of Thrones but that in some cases this has led to a disappointing result.

The club said: “As a result, there has been a sad increase in the number of irresponsible and unscrupulous and difficult to care for hybrids ending up in wolf dog sanctuaries.”

The caption for the viral video reads: “Here’s an example of our wolfdog being a lazy but savvy influencer making the head movement to howl but being too lazy to actually make the ‘awoo’ sound.”

Another caption on the clip itself adds: “Phoenix will make a fake howl.” She pretends to scream knowing it’s enough for the photo.”

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) says that dogs are by far the most popular pets in the United States.

The APPA added in 2023, approximately 65.1 million households own at least one dog and cats are the second most popular pet with 46.5 million owners.

Since sharing on Tuesday, September 12, the post has been viewed more than 2.2 million times and received more than 640,000 likes.

The overwhelming majority of people who commented on the video praised Phoenix and recalled their own wolfdogs.

TikTok user swellentertainment simply wrote: “A true influencer.”

Alexis.Stanley added: “Yo, that’s a knockout blow. She’s clearly a professional.”

Chris commented: “She says ‘I can’t make a real call, all my brothers and sisters will come, take that.'”

Bri posted: “Husky has been my dream dog since I was a child. Husky has many mannerisms of the wolf hierarchy. Now I want a wolf dog.”

News week reached out to @wanderwithwillow for comment via Instagram.

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