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Lawyer and yellow vest, François Boulo announces he will soon be retiring from public life – RT in French

François Boulo denounces behavior internal to the movement of yellow vests that he perceives as harmful, and points to “those who claim to carry the torch of resistance and in reality seek only the light of the spotlight”.

Figure of the movement of yellow vests, lawyer François Boulo announced on Facebook on September 14 that he wanted to “withdraw from public life”, explaining that “to face daily [son] impotence “had” worn him out.

In November 2018, he became one of the media outlets for citizens who “held” roundabouts in Rouen, the lawyer was noticed for his oratorical games on television sets. He was particularly distinguished by a face-to-face meeting with a representative of MEDEF, to whom he had exposed the demands of the demonstrators.

In 2019, he published a manifesto, The Yellow Line, aiming “to restore the image of the yellow vests”. “The media treatment assigned them to acts of violence that existed here and there”, he explained then.

In a long text, François Boulo evokes two main reasons for his next withdrawal. First of all, he wishes to take up “the thread of [sa] life where [il l’avait] left almost four years ago ”. He first underlined his fatigue in the face of “the dominant who use and abuse their privileges, their positions of influence and their networks to forcibly maintain an iniquitous system which is now doomed to implode”.

The at least partial feeling of duty accomplished

But he especially developed at length a critique of “the behavior of all those who claim to be from the camp of the” resistant “”, “of the ordinary average citizen who vomits his hatred or spreads delusional theses on social networks to the opinion leader, sometimes opportunist, sometimes prisoner of his extravagant and hallucinatory stories ”. In his viewfinder, in particular, “those who claim to carry the torch of resistance and in reality seek only the light of the spotlight”, and “the objective complicity of all those who follow and support these gurus and other charlatans of public debate” .

As for his upcoming projects, François Boulo simply explained that he intended to “write a book and share [ses] video analyzes to try to provide essential keys to understanding our current political system and to suggest ways of going beyond it ”. Before leaving the public debate therefore, “without regret and with the at least partial feeling of duty accomplished”.

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