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Lawsuit to remove former President Trump from 2024 Minnesota ballot begins

The trial over Minnesota’s efforts to keep former President Donald Trump off the 2024 ballot is set to begin Thursday at the state Supreme Court, as a similar case continues in Colorado.

The lawsuits filed in both states allege that Trump should be barred from the 2024 ballot because of his conduct that led to the Jan. 6, 2021, riots at the U.S. Capitol. They argue that Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election violated Section 3 of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment, which states that anyone who has “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” after taking an oath to support and defend the Constitution cannot hold office.

A group of Minnesota voters, represented by the election reform group Free Speech for People, filed a lawsuit in September to remove Trump from the state’s ballot under the provisions of the 14th Amendment. The petitioners include former Secretary of State Joan Grove and former Supreme Court Justice Paul H. Anderson.

Plaintiffs in Minnesota case are asking the state’s highest court to disqualify Trump’s eligibility to appear on the ballot and for the secretary of state to exclude him from the ballot in the state’s presidential primary. Status in March.

The lawsuit does not name Trump as a defendant. Instead, he appoints Secretary of State Steve Simon, a Democrat, who had previously rejected letters from Free Speech for People urging him to act. Simon argued that his office did not have the authority to determine a candidate’s eligibility to run for office.

“In the case of presidential candidates, the major political parties will submit the names of candidates to our office for the presidential nominating primary by January 2, 2024. These nominations will appear on the March 5, 2024 ballot, unless contrary decision of a court. “, Simon said in a statement in September.

Ron Fein, plaintiffs’ attorney and legal director of Free Speech for People, said at the time that the lawsuit was necessary because Trump “incited a violent insurrection that attacked the U.S. Capitol, threatened with assassination the Vice President and congressional leaders.” , and disrupted the peaceful transfer of power for the first time in our nation’s history.

“Trump is legally excluded from the ballot and election officials must follow this constitutional mandate,” Fein added.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment on the Minnesota lawsuit. The former president, who continues to falsely claim he won the 2020 election, called efforts to exclude him from the 2024 ballot under the 14th Amendment “nonsense” and “interference electoral”.

The Minnesota lawsuit was filed after another group of voters backed by the left-leaning government watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington sued to bar Trump from appearing on the ballot voting in Colorado. A trial in the case began earlier this week.

Similar legal challenges centering on the 14th Amendment provision have been filed in other states, including New Hampshire, Arizona and Michigan.

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