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Lawmakers Introduce Biparty ‘Free Britney’ Law for Tories

On Tuesday, two bipartisan MPs introduced a bill to make it easier for those under guardianship, like singer Britney Spears, to ask a judge to replace their Conservative, the person who is legally responsible for making decisions for them .

The official name of the bill is the Freedom and Right to Emancipate from Exploitation Act, but Representatives Charlie Crist (D-Fla.) And Nancy Mace (RS.C.), who introduced the bill, have it. nicknamed the “Free Britney” Act. , reflecting the growing indignation of the public at the singer’s plight.

The two lawmakers agreed on one word to describe Spears’ guardianship: “nightmare.”

“If it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone,” Mace said Tuesday.

If passed, the law could help Spears extricate himself from the legal arrangement that has placed strict limits on his personal freedoms for 13 years. This would allow anyone under supervision to request that their private curator be replaced by a public curator without having to prove that a fault has been committed. It would also assign independent social workers to monitor guardianship for signs of abuse and provide more transparency around the arrangements.

Crist summed up the bill in a statement saying it offers Americans a “way out of abusive guardianship.”

He noted that “tragically, we don’t know how many people are being held captive against their will” in current systems, which vary by state. However, Mace’s office estimated the number of people in custody nationwide at around 1.3 million.

Spears campaigned to remove his father, James “Jamie” Spears, from the legal arrangement that was put in place to control his estate and personal well-being in 2008, after a series of mental health issues arose. held publicly.

Last month, the singer told a California judge she previously didn’t know she had the right to ask the court to end the arrangement altogether. She said she wanted to do it as soon as possible, alleging that it prevented her from exercising many personal freedoms.

His shocking remarks to Los Angeles Superior Court judge Brenda Penny highlighted the potential for abuse in guardianship. The provisions are intended for people who do not have the mental or physical capacity to take care of themselves, usually the elderly or infirm. However, since the inception of his Trusteeship, Spears has given hundreds of performances, earning millions of dollars to support himself, his family, staff, and fellow performers.

Spears was cleared last week to hire a new lawyer she chose on her own, marking the first time she has had a say in her legal representation in more than a decade. The new lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, a former federal prosecutor, on Monday promised to end “in an aggressive and swift manner” the implication of the father of Spears in the guardianship, as a first step.


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