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Lauren Boebert at antifa to protest against her: “Find a job”

DENVER – VSOlorado representative Lauren Boebert has a message for anarchists and left-wing radicals who aggressively protest against her and a conservative conference: “Find a job. “

“Maybe it’s their job. Maybe they get paid to do it, ”Boebert said in an interview with the Washington Examiner on Saturday. “You see this from the far left progressives because either it’s their job or they get paid to do it or they have nothing better to do, they sit at home collecting a check , and that’s their life. “

“I mean, I don’t have time for this,” the Republican lawmaker said. “You don’t see the Conservatives doing things like that because we have families to take care of, we have jobs to work for, we have communities to develop. And that’s our goal – not to destroy, but to build. “

His post followed a group of radical leftists who aggressively protested against the conservative Western Colorado Christian University Centennial Institute summit in downtown Denver on Friday night. A prospectus Denver Communists distributed at the event said, “We want to send these worms back to their holes, demoralized and isolated.” At one point, a scuffle broke out when a stranger started filming the protesters and a man snatched his phone from his hand.


Boebert, one of the summit speakers, was a key target. A protester wore a shirt that Lily, “Lauren Boebert is a ****** terrorist.” Another woman shouted for Boebert to “run and hide”.

“I’m sorry for his cats,” Boebert said in response to the woman in a tweet.

Later Friday night, a group of protesters came face to face with a dozen Denver police officers in riot gear, and the protesters shouted, “Boebert’s bitches.

For the first-year Republican congressman, “It’s too far.”

“That they try to attack me but demoralize our police, it’s disgusting,” said Boebert. “This is not an attack on me. It is an attack on the men and women who dress every day to serve their communities, who sacrifice and risk their lives every day. “

She tore apart the Democrat-controlled Colorado state legislature for ending qualified police immunity.

“They don’t know what’s going to happen when they step out of that door,” Boebert said. “Can you imagine the stress of getting into these situations where it is – especially in this climate, in this environment where our police officers are demonized and vilified?” And now they are personally responsible for their work.

In recent days, Boebert has also come under attack for voting against a bill to give gold medals to U.S. Capitol police officers who were injured on January 6, with some saying he disrespects police officers. Uniformed Capitol Police officers have come to her congressional office to ask for an explanation, she said.

She added that she voted against the bill because Democrats added a reference to Officer Billy Evans, who was killed on April 2 after being hit by a car, which had nothing to do with see with January 6.

“Do something else for him,” Boebert said. “Why are we beating him more and more? And that’s all they want. I mean, if you turn on CNN, all you see is January 6th. You don’t see what’s going on in Portland. You don’t see what’s going on in Seattle.


Despite being the target of protesters in her home state and nationally as a conservative brandon, Boebert is not intimidated, having had plenty of experience with the pushback of her shameless Shooter’s Grill restaurant. and his run for Congress.

“I sleep very well at night. I know what I signed up for, ”said Boebert.

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