Launch of the access to care service (SAS) in Pas-de-Calais

After a little over a year of preparatory work, the SAS launched into the Pas-de-Calais department. The department was involved in the process as soon as the Ministry of Health announced the generalization of the system, drawing on its previous experience of regulating general medicine during the day.

This is based on regulation in two sectors. In addition to the regulation of SAMU teams which can notably trigger the dispatch of an emergency team, a second regulation channel is now provided by city general practitioners who can provide medical advice when necessary. direct to an appointment in town within 48 hours.

Concretely during a call to 15, a medical regulation assistant ensures the first contact and is responsible for directing towards one or the other of the two channels depending on the patient’s needs. Patients who require the deployment of a SMUR or referral to an emergency service will continue to be cared for by SAMU regulating doctors; patients for whom recourse to the technical platform does not appear necessary are now taken care of by community doctor regulators and can now be directly referred to an appointment in the office if this is necessary.

The integration of the SAS is transparent for patients who contact 15 and offers them solutions for accessing additional care without going through an emergency department. In Compiègne, patients can be referred to the unscheduled care center of the CPTS of Compiègne.

To constitute the general medicine sector, new regulating doctors were recruited by the association of private regulating doctors of Pas-de-Calais (ASSUM 62), as well as care operators not scheduled by the SAMU 62. The latter have intended to support general regulators, in particular to allow an appointment to be made in town within 48 hours with a practitioner, for patients who require it.

Launched in a pilot phase in the Somme and the North from 2021 then in May 2023 in the Oise, Pas-de-Calais is the fourth department of Hauts-de-France to integrate the SAS. Preparatory work is underway for a launch by the end of the year in Aisne.


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