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Labor conference live: Starmer says ‘reasons to be confident’ as party membership rises after Tory conference

Angela Rayner says next Labor government will make misogyny a hate crime

Labor said it recruited 1,000 new members during the week of the Conservative Party conference.

Party treasurer Mike Payne told Labor’s conference in Liverpool on Saturday: “Due to the turmoil in government over the summer and autumn, and given the positive outlook for Britain and the policy agenda set by (Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer), we have seen an increase in the number of new members in the party.

He added: “At the Conservative conference we recruited 1,000 members in a week. »

Mr Payne said membership fees remain the main source of income and bring in around £16m.

Labor general secretary David Evans, looking ahead to the next general election, said: “Keir often reminds us that we should never be complacent, and we are not, but there are reasons to be confident . »

On the first day of the annual conference, Angela Rayner promised a massive “boost” for social housing as she told Labor’s conference to “look back” at the Tories “looking down” on council tenants.

Labor also announced £1.6 billion in health policies, including £1.1 billion for overtime pay, to reduce the 7.7 million waiting lists for hospital treatment in England.


Anas Sarwar: Labor can beat the SNP across Scotland

Scottish Labor leader Anas Sarwar will claim his party can beat the SNP in terms of seats “across Scotland” in the next general election.

He will address the Labor Party conference in Liverpool on Monday, where he will hail his party’s victory in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-elections.

Michael Shanks exceeded expectations and won 58% of the vote in the South Lanarkshire by-election count on Thursday evening. Although turnout was low, Labor had a 20.4% margin over the SNP.

Mr Sarwar will say his SNP opponents chose to “blame voters” for their loss.

He will tell delegates: “Now no SNP MP can sit safely, taking their community for granted like so many others have done.

“So I say to Humza Yousaf: it’s not about fluctuations or polls – it’s about putting the Scottish people first.

“And because you won’t do that, we can beat you all over Scotland.”

“Every community in Scotland now has the opportunity to choose change with the Scottish Labor Party.”

Athena StavrouOctober 9, 2023 04:30


‘I was really worried after Keir Starmer interview,’ says former shadow chancellor

John McDonnell said he was “really concerned” when he saw Sir Keir Starmer interviewed by Laura Kuenssberg on Sunday morning.

The former shadow chancellor criticized the Labor leader’s suggestion that NHS staff could work overtime to reduce record waiting lists.

“I was really worried… The health workers in my constituency are already on their knees. »

Former shadow chancellor John McDonnell (Beresford Hodge/PA)

(PA Archives)

Athena StavrouOctober 9, 2023 03:30


Labor accuses Rishi Sunak of leaving Britain isolated on the world stage

Labor will accuse Rishi Sunak of leaving Britain isolated on the world stage and pledge to “reconnect” the UK with other countries.

David Lammy, the shadow foreign secretary, will tell the party conference in Liverpool that a Keir Starmer-led government would “reconnect Britain for security and prosperity”.

And he will criticize the Prime Minister for ignoring key international climate summits and throwing red meat at the Tory base at home.

Athena StavrouOctober 9, 2023 02:30


Jeremy Corbyn refuses to answer the journalist’s question: “do you condemn Hamas?” »

In a tense exchange with journalists on his way to an event, Mr Corbyn said he wanted “peace, a ceasefire and a process that ends the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

“I don’t support any attack, that’s why I criticize them all,” he said, after being asked repeatedly if he would condemn Hamas, having not been clear on his position towards the group.

Jeremy Corbyn refuses to answer the journalist’s question: “do you condemn Hamas?” »

Athena StavrouOctober 9, 2023 01:30


Labor MP: ‘Tory conference brought Nazism into discourse’

A Labor MP said the Conservatives were “stoking fear like never before” and “brought Nazism into the discourse” at their party conference last week.

Zarah Sultana, a member of the Socialist Campaign Group, accused the party of “peddling conspiracies” and using “disgusting rhetoric” at the event in Manchester.

She told an event at the Labor conference: “As the election gets closer, they are going to escalate it more and more, stirring up hatred. They are stoking fear like never before and it is because they have no answers to the crisis.

“At the Conservative Party conference, the cost of living crisis was barely mentioned. They did not talk about falling wages or the collapse of public services.

“Actually, what I saw was really problematic, Nazism was just introduced into the discourse, absolutely disgusting rhetoric.

“They didn’t talk about bill increases. Instead, we heard about a migratory hurricane. They proposed a transphobic ban on hospitals and peddled conspiracies in 15-minute towns.

Zarah Sultana, MP for Coventry South with Jeremy Corbyn

(PA wire)

Athena StavrouOctober 9, 2023 00:30


“So many companies, I thought it was the CBI conference,”

Former Labor shadow chancellor John McDonnell said there were ‘so many businesses’ at Labor conference he thought it was a Confederation of British Industry gathering (CBI).

He said it was “nice to be among Labor members” at a fringe event on Sunday evening.

“When I arrived at the conference this morning, there were so many companies that I thought it was the CBI conference,” he said.

Businesses’ desire to attend Labor’s meeting was seen as a coup by shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves and Sir Keir Starmer.

It represents a break from the Labor Party of Mr McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn, whose left-wing agenda has scared the industry.

Athena StavrouOctober 8, 2023 11:30 p.m.


‘Suella Braverman would give Donald Trump a hard time,’ says Labor MP

A Labor MP has hit out at Suella Braverman, saying scapegoating asylum seekers would “give Donald Trump a hard time”.

Left-wing MP Richard Burgon said the Conservative party conference showed the Tories were turning to “reactionary and divisive politics” to try to win the next election.

Describing the “jamboree”, he said: “We saw a super-rich Prime Minister, the richest in the history of the UK in fact, posing as the candidate for change while flying in a jet private.

“We have seen the Interior Secretary being scapegoated in a way that would give Donald Trump a hard time. We saw Liz Truss lobbying once again for tax cuts for the super rich, and we saw Priti Patel dancing with Nigel Farage.

Athena StavrouOctober 8, 2023 10:30 p.m.


Stephen Kinnock withdraws ‘xenophobia’ comments on public attitudes to immigration

Labour’s shadow immigration minister quickly retracted his comments on public attitudes to immigration.

Stephen Kinnnock told a fringe event organized by the charity Hope Not Hate that there was a segment of the electorate who “are xenophobic and whose views on immigration are essentially mirrored by those of Suella Braverman.

But when asked about his comments after the event, he told the Telegraph: “It does not reflect my views. Of course, it is not xenophobic to worry about small boat crossings or illegal immigration and that is not what I wanted to imply.

“People want a controlled and managed immigration system, and that’s what Labor is proposing.”

Athena StavrouOctober 8, 2023 9:30 p.m.


Mick Lynch: “We will fight Starmer like tigers for socialist policies”

Mick Lynch has promised unions will “fight like tigers” for socialist policies under a Labor government.

The general secretary of the RMT union has said Britain “must get the Tories out”, replacing Rishi Sunak with Sir Keir Starmer as prime minister.

But he added that workers must then “defend our position and fight like tigers for socialist policies”.

And, speaking at a sideline event, Mr Lynch blasted the “corruption” which has spread across public services such as transport under the Conservative government.

“I think corruption has brought HS2 to its knees. I think it’s mired in corruption, that doesn’t mean it’s illegal. It just means it’s bent,” he said.

Mick Lynch says Britain ‘needs to get the Tories out’

(PA wire)

Athena StavrouOctober 8, 2023 9:00 p.m.


Starmer denounces attack on Israel while Corbyn resists condemnation of Hamas

Sir Keir Starmer has clearly called Hamas’ deadly attack on Israel a “terrorist attack”, unlike Jeremy Corbyn who resisted direct condemnation of the militant group.

The Labor leader said on Sunday there could be “no justification” for the operation and said he had spoken with Israeli Labor Party leader Merav Michaeli on Saturday evening.

“While we were on the phone, the siren went off and she had to go down to her shelter, taking her papers with her,” he explained. “This is therefore an appalling act of terrorism that must be denounced around the world.”

His predecessor said he did not “support any attack” but sought to avoid directly criticizing Hamas during questioning in Liverpool, where Mr Corbyn is attending a left-wing political festival instead of the Labor conference.

In a tense exchange with journalists on his way to an event, Mr Corbyn said he wanted “peace, a ceasefire and a process that ends the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

“I don’t support any attack, that’s why I criticize them all,” he said, after being asked several times if he would condemn Hamas, having not been clear on his position towards the group.


Athena StavrouOctober 8, 2023 8:30 p.m.


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