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“La vie en rose”: a solidarity breakaway to get young people back on track – Brittany

On her cell phone, among the photos, there is a cliché to which Nadine Enjalbert is particularly fond: “That moment, I will remember it all my life”, breathes the Carantécoise, her eyes shining with emotion. In the photo, she and three of her friends cross the finish line in a trail of about thirty kilometers in the heart of the Icelandic tundra… The accomplishment of a personal challenge as much as the demonstration of a conviction: “Yes, sport is good for your health! “

A first victory

This is to prove that the expression does not fall within the cliché that Nadine Enjalbert created, in Carantec (29), two years ago, “La vie… en rose”. Breast cancer survivor thanks to the advice of her oncologist, who recommends sport to her, she advocates through the association for the systematic integration of sport into treatment protocols. A first operation, “Health Booty”, launched in 2019, makes it possible to fund three years of sports-health sessions for children hospitalized in pediatric oncology at the Brest CHRU. A success !

Building on this success and far from succumbing to the surrounding stagnation, the volunteers of the association have chosen to embark on a new project: a Tour de France of 2,800 kilometers, called “The good escape”, to fight against sedentary lifestyle and adolescent inactivity. “After the success of our pediatric oncopediatrics project, we wanted to support action around prevention,” explains Nadine Enjalbert. “This is where Doc’Cyclo comes in! “

An epidemic of sedentary lifestyle

This nickname, Doctor Matthieu Muller owes it to his passion for the Little Queen. From the start, the latter, responsible for the sports and health center at Morlaix hospital, has supported the association in its actions. It was he who inspired the volunteers of “La vie en rose” with the idea of ​​this new challenge, convinced of the importance of sport for the health of young generations: “When you think about it, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest problems young people face today. Finally, cancers are quite rare in adolescents whereas, conversely, their physical inactivity is the bedrock of chronic diseases, ”laments the doctor. “It is doing them a service to intervene now rather than as an adult, at an age when inactivity kills more than tobacco! “

“They will take pleasure in discovering that their body is alive! “

Prevention… in action!

In order to fight against this sporting dropout, five runners, including the former champion Pascal Campion, will travel across France in the summer of 2022 to meet students from 15 schools. From Vannes to Alès (Gard) via Angoulême (Charente), the goal is to educate these schoolchildren for a year of the benefits of healthy eating and regular physical activity. In each school, four students, two boys and two girls, will be selected to join the runners of the association 25 miles from the stage, for a round trip of 50 kilometers. “As Nicole Abar said, (ex-professional football player and association supporter, Editor’s note) they will take pleasure in discovering that their body is alive! », Rejoices Nadine Enjalbert. “At the beginning, it will be difficult, but at the end, they will find it great! “

Operation budget: 40,000 €

But before the departure, on June 4, 2022, from Carantec, the equipment remains to be found: for its project, the association is looking for partners to provide 60 bicycles and cycling clothing, for a total budget of 40,000 €. An online jackpot already makes it possible to collect donations. “It is true that it is a sum, but it is nothing compared to the means committed each year to treat diseases linked to the lack of physical activity”, notes Nadine Enjalbert. In the meantime, the association is communicating in order to convince as many young people as possible to take part in this great breakaway: “There is no need to compete or be a champion”, recalls the navigator. Armel Le Cléac’h, sponsor of “La vie en rose”. “The important thing is to play sports every day! So will you join the peloton?


To make a donation or contact the association: or Phone: 06 11 07 27 16

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