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La Grande Fripe de Noëmie, a vintage thrift store for large sizes

What was the trigger for you to embark on the adventure of La Grande Fripe?

In December 2019, I was walking in Redon (35) with my sister. We walked into a thrift store and, for the first time, I noticed a plus size department. I said to myself: “Ah, that’s great! There must be sites dedicated to large sizes ”. But in fact, nothing. At that time, I was also touring my office manager position. I asked for a conventional break and I started.

While it’s not easy to find plus size clothes in thrift stores, which ones do you find most easily?

One can find dresses and shirts for men which can sometimes be big. I like it, because it can be worn as a dress or over short shorts in summer. It dresses the outfit. But it is true that finding large sizes in second-hand clothes is not easy.

What do you find more difficult?

The jeans. My thighs are rubbing and when I buy jeans, in six months they are dead. Vintage is not easy either because the sizes are smaller. At Emmaüs, I found dresses in size 50 but I did not fit into them, although I am doing 44/46.

It helps me to have that militant side. And if it helps me, it can also help others

Currently, you only offer clothes online. Have you ever thought about setting up your project in physics?

Yes of course. I love the contact with people. I have already made a deal in physics. I will try to organize others.

You also have a blog, where you talk about topics that affect you. La Grande Fripe, is it also political?

For me, it’s really important. I was bullied at school and it was partly related to my weight. I remember a scene in the locker room, a girl showed me her belly saying: “Contrex, my slimming partner”. It built me ​​up and I wanted to fight against grossophobia, which is still internalized. And I am not the only one. It helps me to have that militant side. And if it helps me, it can help other people too and that’s cool.

On Facebook, you talk about your hairiness, you appear on your site without makeup. What prompts you to convey this image?

For two or even three years, I have been trying to be as “natural painting” as possible. There are already so many accounts that are complex on social networks that I stay like that. And I don’t want to give money to companies that make us believe that a woman should always wear makeup. Because I am sometimes lazy.

How do you relate to your body?

I am fat and I have always felt well, even in a period when everything was not necessarily going well. I have always enjoyed new clothes and liked to show off. In Redon, there weren’t many stores. I was always told to be careful, that I was going to run out of clothes. Today with La Grande Fripe, it’s going much better, I even have too many (laughs).

Regaining self-confidence, does it go through clothes?

Yes a lot. It’s the first thing you see in someone. I am convinced that if you feel good in your clothes, you get better.