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Kyrie Irving’s anti-vaccine explanation torn as ‘Taurus and shit’

Kyrie Irving’s reported explanation for his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine has drawn widespread criticism on Twitter.

Irving was benched by the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday for refusing to receive the safe and effective shot. Professional athletes in New York City should be vaccinated to play or train in public places. The Nets didn’t want a part-time player who could only play away.

According to sources quoted by The Athletic, Irving said he was not anti-vaccine but simply “upset that people are losing their jobs because of vaccination warrants.”

“For him, this is a bigger fight than the one on the field and Irving questions perceived control over society and people’s livelihoods,” according to The Athletic.

“It’s a decision he thinks he is able to make given the dynamics of his current life,” the website added, citing a source who said the Star Guardian “wants to be a voice for those without. -voice”.

Critics called the explanation, with many wondering why Irving was taking such a stand. “It’s both Bull and Shit,” wrote Keith Olbermann, former MSNBC and ESPN reporter.

Others echoed the sentiment:


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