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Kylo Ren could be our last and best hope to stop Tom Brady

Only a Sith deals with absolutes.

As usual, players who win the Super Bowl are heading to Disney World at some point. Just months after Tom Brady and the Buccaneers dismembered the Chiefs and left them for dead as Anakin Skywalker on the small lava planet of Mustafar, Brady found himself face to face with perhaps his next great enemy: Kylo Ren.

In a video shared on Tuesday, Brady and Ren (real name Ben Solo) shared a moment in which the Sith user tries to recruit the future Hall of Famer from the Dark Side.

The exchange proceeded as follows:

Kylo Ren: The dark side is calling you. You have to make a choice. Would you like to join us?

Tom Brady: No, thank you. I am already part of a winning team.

Kylo Ren: A bold response. Not wise, but daring.

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Do you know how you know this fake video? Kylo Ren would never ask Brady to join the dark side of the Force.

We already know that the Dark Side is a path to a lot of abilities that some see as … artificial, and what Brady does at 44 is proof enough that he may already be a Sith Lord.

Brady will be back with the Bucs in 2021 and 2022 after restructuring his contract with Tampa Bay, which still means a few more shots in a Super Bowl win, before he fades into NFL history as a Force ghost.

Don’t be surprised if the Bucs once again blow up the league like the Death Star en route to another Brady ring, his eighth potential, after keeping all 22 starters in place this offseason.

Ugh. Another Brady Super Bowl?

Help us, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You are our only hope.

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