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Kurt Busiek to write new Arrowsmith, Astro City Comics for the picture

Kurt busiek amounts to Picture comics and bringing his fan favorite series Astereo city and Black-smith. Fans can look forward to a news Black-smith mini-series starting in January 2022 and a City of Astro one-shot in March 2022 which introduces the new status quo of the upcoming series. The image also announced that the creator will bring more new comics such as Free agents and another story in Autumn lands series, as well as re-releases of some of its other popular titles.

Busiek is well known in the comic book industry not only for his creator-owned projects but also for his work with the Big Two, including Avengers, The wonders, Superman, and JLA. Arguably his greatest creator-owned series is City of Astro, a superhero comic that began in 1995 at Image Comics before going through several other publishers, including the partner studio of Image Wildstorm before ending up in the hands of DC Comics and Vertigo. The series paid homage to many iconic superheroes, including tributes to characters like Superman (The Samaritan) and the Fantastic Four (Furst Family) while exploring the struggles superheroes might encounter in the real world. Then there was her fantastic title Black-smith, which began as a miniseries in 2003 under Wildstorm’s Cliffhanger imprint. The title took place during WWII with not only guns but also magic.

Image Comics’ official press release spilled over into a bunch of announcements related to Busiek’s return to the publisher. First of all, his Black-smith the comic returns with a six-issue miniseries titled Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines. It will debut in January 2022 and the original series, Arrowsmith: so smart in their beautiful uniforms, will be collected in hardcover for February 2022. The artist of the new miniseries will be Carlos Pacheco (Avengers forever, The fantastic four, the final crisis). In the new miniseries, Fletcher Arrowsmith will be behind enemy lines and a secret story will be unveiled.

Kurt Busiek to write new Arrowsmith, Astro City Comics for the picture
Kurt Busiek to write new Arrowsmith, Astro City Comics for the picture

“Finally, coming back to this universe and writing these characters again is like coming home and visiting old friends – admittedly, old friends that we do dangerous and stressful things with in the name of adventure. “said Busiek. “And the art, by Carlos, Rafael and Jose, is just amazing. Arrowsmith fans have been very patient, but never hesitated to let us know they wanted more – and I can’t wait for them to see both the new series and the remastered original in the kind of hardcover edition we think it deserves. “

For throwing Astro city return, Busiek will be joined by longtime City of Astro collaborators Brent Anderson (Return of the Jedi), Alex Ross (Captain America / Iron Man) and Alex Sinclair (Harley quinn), in a one-shot that will set up the new status quo for the upcoming series, meaning new characters and dangers will be revealed. Fans will also be able to take advantage of all new collected editions that will allow them and newcomers to get their hands on the entire backlog of City of Astro comics.

“Alex, Brent and I have been planning this for a long time – we feature a team of teenage heroes, the Jayhawks (and more), in the special, and unleash a mystery as important to Astro City as what happened to Agent. Money or the Broken Man story. Alex has designed a cornucopia of new characters, and Brent is going to town on the artwork. It will be a very fun ride – and yes, readers. long time ago, we will tackle the history of the N-Forcer, I promise! “

Kurt busiek fans rejoice as there will be plenty of old and new titles to look forward to next year. In addition to the return of Black-smith in January 2022 and City of Astro in March 2022, as the back issues of these titles are bound in collective editions, several of his other titles will be reissued from Picture comics, with new ones on the horizon as well.

SOURCE: Picture comics