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Kumail Nanjiani Gets Real About Being ‘Obsessed’ With ‘The Number On The Scale’


Life has gotten quite strange for Kumail Nanjiani ever since he got ripped off.

In 2019, fans of the comedian and actor – who was best known for his geeky or funny roles in “Silicon Valley” and his 2017 film “The Big Sick” – were stunned when Nanjiani debuted a pic of her new buff body on Instagram.

In a vulture “Eternals” star profile released on Tuesday, author E. Alex Jung describes how Nanjiani’s drastic transformation is having an effect on the people around him.

When Jung and Nanjiani went to a restaurant for lunch during their interview, Jung noted that the actor’s presence prompted their waiter to express his insecurities about his own body and even reveal his own weight to them.

“I’ll tell you, man, it’s very easy to obsess over that number on the scale,” Nanjiani told the waiter. “It’s a difficult thing. It is misleading. You become obsessed with it. I certainly do, and for me, it’s not great to weigh myself every day. I could tell you what I weigh today.

“What did you weigh today? Jung asks.

“163.4,” Nanjiani replied, adding: “I know exactly what I weigh every day, and if there was anything I could change, I wish I didn’t have to think about it.”

Nanjiani has also spoken openly about her insecurities and how feeling cheesy and unattractive as a child had a huge impact on her self-image.

The “Silicon Valley” storylines centered around the ugliness of Nanjiani’s character, Dinesh, also seemed to hit the actor hard.

“This stuff happens to you, where you’re like, ‘Aww… that’s not a great feeling.’ I love everyone on the show and I never expressed that concern. Maybe I should have. Other actors did when they had stuff they didn’t like doing. I understand that the story ended up being funny, but yeah, parts of it didn’t feel right.

Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, writer Emily V. Gordon, arrive for the premiere of “The Suicide Squad” in 2021.

ROBYN BECK via Getty Images

Nanjiani admitted to men’s health in 2020 that he had body image issues even after being shredded.

“I don’t want to neglect people who have really debilitating body problems,” he told the magazine. ” I do not have that. But I started to have body dysmorphia. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my abs – and when I looked at them again they faded away. I just saw the flaws.

He told Men’s Health that posting photos on Instagram and reading people’s responses has helped him.

“When I saw that reaction, it was when I was like, ‘Okay, I clearly don’t see what’s really there. “It’s something that I’m trying to be aware of and be better at, because it’s not a good way to be. You want to be easy on yourself.

Nanjiani alluded to Vulture that he always struggles with his image and the way others perceive him. But, he told the outlet, he believes that whether or not one has his ideal body, they are still the same person – which means they have to deal with the same insecurities they had. All their life.

“The fact that other people decide how you feel about yourself – none of that goes away,” he said. “Everything is still there. What you need to do is somehow figure out how to build self-esteem inside of yourself. I don’t know how to do it, but I’ll let you know once I find the key.

To read Nanjiani’s full profile, visit Vulture.



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