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Kris Jenner reacts to Kourtney Kardashian’s romance with Travis Barker

It’s safe to say Kris jenner is a proud member of the #Kravis team.

As Kourtney kardashian and Travis Barker Continuing to document their romance on social media, fans of the couple might be curious about what mom Kris thinks about the relationship.

In an interview with Live with Ryan Seacrest on June 10, the iHeartRadio team praised the couple’s romance, leading Kris to reveal that she thinks it’s amazing, sweetie.

“Isn’t that great? »She shared with Ryan seacrest. “I know, this is the best.”

And when Tanya rad asked Kris to share her thoughts on Kourtney’s latest social media post that included Travis blood, the family matriarch admitted she was just trying to keep up. “Here’s the thing. I don’t know what that means,” Kris joked. “I need to have a little chat with Mrs. Kourtney and find out what’s going on.”

Earlier this week, the founder of Poosh raised her eyebrows when she randomly posted a vial of the Flashing-182 the blood of the online rocker. Instead of explaining more by text, Kourtney chose a black heart emoji.

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