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Kinzinger defends lack of investigation into BLM riots at committee hearing on January 6

In the committee’s first hearing on January 6 on Tuesday, Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger dismissed those who alleged Congress was at fault for investigating the Capitol Riot, but not the Black Lives Matter riots that took place. erupted and ravaged cities across the country last year.

“Some have concocted a counter-narrative to discredit this process on the grounds that we have not launched a similar investigation into the urban riots and looting of last summer,” he said.

“I was called to serve during the summer riots as a National Air Guard. I condemn these riots and the resulting destruction of property. But not once did I feel that the future of self-government was threatened as I did on January 6. There is a difference between breaking the law and rejecting the rule of law. Between a crime, even serious crimes, and a coup, ”Kinzinger commented.

Crimes perpetrated by left-wing agitators in places like Portland and Minneapolis have been largely ignored, and even tolerated by mainstream media players, with CNN going so far as to call them “mostly peaceful” on air. as buildings burned in the background of the camera. Lawlessness persisted for weeks in many places, with arson, theft and widespread violence against passers-by, journalists, participants and police.

Lawlessness persisted in Portland for nearly a year, costing the Oregon City Police Department at least $ 12.4 million in taxpayer dollars to pay officers overtime to make in the face of mass protests and chaos, an expense that does not include infrastructure damage and inflicted injuries.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chose Kinzinger to sit on the committee after dismissing Representatives Jim Jordan and Jim Banks, two of the choices of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Jordan and Banks both opposed Joe Biden’s win on Jan.6. McCarthy responded by removing his five members from the investigation, which he concluded was a purely partisan exercise based on Pelosi’s behavior.

McCarthy, who was authorized to nominate five Republicans to sit on the panel in accordance with the final House resolution, called Kinzinger and Republican Rep. Liz Cheney “Republicans Pelosi” after the speaker nominated them as his own.

Lawmakers were two of ten Republicans in Congress voting to impeach former President Trump for inciting a Capitol insurgency. Cheney received a backlash from the party for his hostility towards Trump, which ultimately led to his ousting as chair of the House GOP conference.

“As we begin our work today, I want to draw the attention of this committee to the oath of office. An oath not to a party, not to an individual, but to the Constitution that represents all Americans, ”Kinzinger noted. “Democracies are not defined by our bad days. We are defined by how we come back from bad days. How we take responsibility for this.

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