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Kim Kardashian admits infamous sex tape contributed to KUWTK’s success

Kardashian Reunion Recap Pt. 1: “KUWTK” Catch Up (S20, Ep13)

Kim kardashian may refuse to be defined by her past, but she knows it’s impossible to run away.

The E! star left nothing on the table when Andy cohen broached the subject of her 2002 sex tape with her then-boyfriend Ray J during the first part of the keeping up with the Kardashians reunion on June 17th.

“Do you think the show would have had its huge initial success without the publicity surrounding the sex tape?” Andy asked, to which Kim replied, “Looking back, probably not.”

The pornographic film leaked months ago KUWTKthe 2007 premiere, and Kim agreed to address the controversy squarely in the show’s first episode. The move, Kim said, laid the groundwork for a philosophy she continues to follow.

“I think everything happens for a reason and I really try to live like that,” the mogul explained. “Whenever there is some crazy scandal that makes it seem like you can’t breathe and how are you going to get over that, it’s still a lesson. Even if it’s a private lesson, or even if it is. ‘is just something we didn’t know we had to go through. “

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