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Kidnapping of Mia: towards an indictment of the ex-soldier arrested – France

Ex-serviceman arrested Tuesday in the Hautes-Pyrénées in the investigation the kidnapping of little Mia will be presented Friday to an examining magistrate “with a view to his indictment” for “non-denunciation of a crime”, announced the public prosecutor of Nancy in a press release.

Christophe M., a retired army lieutenant-colonel living in the Hautes-Pyrénées department, admitted during his hearings that he joined the organization led by Rémy Daillet, a figure of the conspiracy movement suspected of having organized the kidnapping of the girl.

The prosecutor’s explanations

“As of January 2021, (the former military) will be entrusted with responsibilities aimed at helping to structure this organization”, specifies the public prosecutor, François Pérain, who intends to request his placement in pre-trial detention. “He admitted to having given advice on how to organize child abductions,” but denied “having participated in the preparatory meetings for Mia’s abduction,” he added.

According to François Pérain, Christophe M. explained that he left the organization last March for several reasons, including a “disagreement with Rémy Daillet on the organization of child abductions”.

Seven other people indicted

Mia, 8, was kidnapped in mid-April at her mother’s request by several men while she was staying with her maternal grandmother in a village in the Vosges. Her mother was no longer allowed to see her alone, nor to speak to her on the phone. A “kidnapping alert” was quickly broadcast and significant police resources had made it possible to find her five days later with her mother in Switzerland.

The investigation implicated in the organization of this kidnapping Rémy Daillet, arrested at the end of May in Malaysia, where he had resided for several years. In connection with this case, seven other people, including the girl’s mother, close to the anti-system and conspiracy movement, were indicted and placed in pre-trial detention.

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