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Khloe Kardashian reveals if she wants to remarry

To look forward.

In this clip from tonight’s June 10 series finale keeping up with the Kardashians, Khloe kardashian and Tristan thompson discuss their next steps, especially as the holidays approach. This conversation comes after the good American tycoon has thought about what she wants from her future.

“I hope to have a brother to TrueKhloe informs the camera, “But also, I don’t feel incomplete if I don’t.”

As for her love life? The mother of a child expresses the desire to remarry. “I think so,” she adds. “But I also don’t think I have to be married to feel like this is our union.”

Later, Khloe FaceTimes with Tristan to discuss a possible trip to Boston, where the sports star plays for the Celtics. Obviously, Tristan wants Khloe and their daughter to join him on the East Coast as he buzzes the new town.

“It’s good,” he shares. “I mean, the weather has been wonderful, everyone has been welcoming. It makes me happy.”

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