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Khloe Kardashian addresses raising daughter True as a white mom

AT do not exposing your children to the realities of race, according to Khloe, would be a disservice. “Even if you live in a bubble, whoever you are, I think it can be very shocking, so when your children are released then they will be either devastated, hurt, traumatized, confused, overwhelmed,” she said. declared. mentionned. “I think it’s our job as parents to really expose them while they have the safety of their parents to, I think, communicate that with them and still guide and help them instead of just letting them. come out into the free world and now they’re like, wait, that’s not what – I haven’t heard of that, had no idea that was what real life was. “

When it comes to raising her daughter, Khloe anticipates another challenge. “I already know that I will have a hard time letting her make her own mistakes,” she said. “This is how we all learn in life.”

As she said, “I know it’s a never-ending journey to be a mother. It’s not just when they’re 18 and you forget about them… You are still their mother.”

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