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Kevin McCarthy says GOP will do its own more partisan Capitol riots investigation

Republicans will conduct their own investigation into the Jan.6 riot on the U.S. Capitol after minority parliamentary leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) Refused to cooperate with a bipartisan investigation set to begin next week.

McCarthy said Republicans would boycott the select committee’s investigation in favor of their own because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Rejected two of his five appointees and asked her to name replacements .

“Pelosi broke that institution,” McCarthy said. “This panel has lost all legitimacy and credibility.

He dodged the question of whether Republicans would consider former President Donald Trump’s role in the day’s events.

“We will be looking at anything that has kept this place from being protected,” McCarthy said.

Pelosi only offered to create the select committee after McCarthy himself refused to support a commission of inquiry with outside experts who would have been appointed equally by Republicans and Democrats. Senate Republicans ultimately blocked the bill that would have created the commission.

The select committee will always be bipartisan, as Pelosi herself has nominated seven Democrats and one Republican, Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.).

McCarthy said his committee, which will be entirely Republican, will answer two main questions: why the Capitol was so ill-prepared for the Jan.6 attack, despite the prior warnings, and what should be done to ensure that another attack will not occur? will happen again?

It’s a clear effort to delegitimize the scrutiny of Trump, who prompted the Jan.6 attack on Congress with lies about voter fraud and claims Congress could somehow stay in power when lawmakers have certified the results that day.

Representatives Jim Banks (R-Ind.) And Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the two members Pelosi rejected from the select committee, claimed this week that Democrats have “ignored” questions about why the Capitol was so vulnerable to attack because they’re afraid of the answers, as if Democrats somehow made the police unprepared.

A bipartisan investigation by two Senate committees focused exclusively on the Capitol’s security failure. Among others, this report criticized intelligence agencies for not sharing what they heard about the impending attack, an awkward leadership structure of the Capitol Police, and a failure to train officers to deal with a riot situation.

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), One of the members of the select committee, said he did not know what Republicans imply with their claims that Democrats fear the truth about that day.

“We lobbied for an independent commission of the 11/9 type without any elected representative. Five Republicans, five Democrats, equal subpoena power, and Republicans blocked it, ”Raskin told HuffPost. “So who isn’t interested in the truth and why?” “


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