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Kevin Durant and Draymond Green finally explain the conversation that led to the famous meme

Returning on April 16, 2017, Kevin Durant made his Warriors’ playoff debut for a team that had to (and ultimately did) make their way through the rest of the league on their way to a championship. Durant was sensational in Game 1 of the First Round series between Golden State and Portland, scoring 32 points and 11 rebounds in a 121-109 victory.

In fact, Durant was so good that Warriors forward Draymond Green turned into KD’s personal hype man during the game. Cameras caught Green chatting in Durant’s ear as the former NBA MVP nodded confidently.

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And so, a meme was born. Some examples:

The meme has been used countless times since that night, but Durant and Green had never really offered any details about the viral moment – until now.

During the most recent episode of the “ETC with Kevin Durant” podcast, Durant and co-host Eddie Gonzalez discussed several topics with Green, including this famous meme. Turns out the conversation was … exactly what it sounded like.

Durant: “It was really gas.”

Green: “I was definitely gassing him like, ‘Yo, nobody can f … with you! No one can stop you! ” That’s what I said. ”

Durant: “I was sitting there like, ‘Yeah, n-, I know.’ Yeah, I liked his essence, though. I didn’t get that from anyone. ”

Green: “I’m like, ‘K, if you do that they can’t stop you!’ He says, “Yeah, you’re right. I know. I know. “That’s really what it was.”

Durant: “That’s exactly what it was.”

Mystery solved. Or, to put it in meme terms, “When you can finally tell your friend what KD and Draymond were talking about.”

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