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Kerlouan wants to save his Pont pond – Brittany

The pond of Pont à Kerlouan is only a shadow of itself. The fault of the ecological continuity which wants that the valves of the mill which it fed until 2012, remain open to allow the fish to go down or up the current. It is a European directive which imposes it in the name of the protection of aquatic fauna. “Applying this decision here is quite simply absurd,” explains Bruno Massez, spokesperson for the collective for the defense of the Etang du Pont. Look at what is left of the body of water. Almost nothing, if not tons and tons of sediment that the vegetation is gradually gaining ”. Indeed, the pure wave that covered the surface of this body of water in which we bathed, fished and boated can only be summed up in the small bed of Quillimadec, the small coastal river 26 km long. that feeds it. From 18 hectares, the surface of the pond has increased to 13 in a few years.

The poor deer trapped in the mud was exhausted for long hours struggling. (Photo Pierre Léon)

Very dangerous vase

The silt that accumulates is very dangerous. In recent months, several deer come to drink in the pond remained prisoners there. Fifteen days ago, one of them died of exhaustion despite the intervention of the firefighters who were able to save another deer.

The collective has been working on the file for many months. “The Department of Territories and the Sea did not know him well, that’s obvious. We looked and found that there was a minor bed, a kind of parallel dug channel, a long time ago to allow the fish to pass. The prefecture, responsible for enforcing the texts, had no knowledge of its existence. We are convinced that simple cleaning work would allow eels, salmon and trout to use it again ”.

“A very rich body of water”

This proposal would not have been accepted by the State services, which would prefer a diversion of the watercourse combined with the construction of a bridge. “The first valuation is 549,000 euros! It’s huge, ”adds Bruno Massez.

According to him, the refilling is urgent. “This body of water is very rich. There are otters there. But also many species of birds: ibis falcinelles, teals, spoonbills. The other day I counted 28 herons there. And recently two black storks rested there. Its ornithological interest is undeniable ”.

The collective also weighs the body of water that serves as a natural filter for Quillimadec – loaded with nitrates, phosphates and bacteria – before it flows into the bay of Guissény.

Kerlouan wants to save his Pont pond – Brittany
(Photo Didier Déniel)

These arguments won over the elected officials of the municipality. “The collective, with which we are in contact, provided us with information that we did not have before,” underlines the mayor, Christian Colliou. We raised the issue in city council. We are in favor of a rapid replenishment of the pond ”.

“A trap for animals”

René Paugam, vice-president of the community of communes, owner of the pond, also agrees. “The pond has become a trap for animals. Our president, Claudie Balcon, sent a letter to the prefecture to ask that the valves be closed to raise the water level until a solution is found. Meetings are planned soon on the subject ”. At the same time, a petition is circulating in the town and on the internet to save the Pont pond.

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