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Kentucky Derby Payout Breakdown: How Much Money Will Winner Receive in 2021?

Winning one of the Triple Crown races is an incredible achievement, but there is something special about finishing first in the Kentucky Derby. Coming out victorious in “The Run for the Roses” is an experience like no other.

Oh, and bringing home a bunch of cash must be pretty cool, too.

The winner of Saturday’s race will win a massive check, but there will also be big payouts for the other participants who finish in the top five.

What about this year’s event? Here is the full breakdown of the 2021 Kentucky Derby handbag.

KENTUCKY DERBY: draw and odds for the 2021 race

What is the Kentucky Derby handbag in 2021?

This year’s Kentucky Derby handbag is $ 3 million, the same amount as 2019 and 2020.

How much money does the Kentucky Derby winner receive?

The 2021 Kentucky Derby winner will receive $ 1.86 million, which represents over 60 percent of the total purse.

Prize Breakdown for the Kentucky Derby 2021

In law Prize money
1 $ 1.86 million
2 $ 600,000
3 $ 300,000
4 $ 150,000
5 $ 90,000

Kentucky Derby Prize Money Versus Other Triple Crown Races

Race Dated Stock market (2020 figures)
Kentucky Derby May 1, 2021 $ 3 million
Preakness issues May 15, 2021 $ 1.5 million
Belmont stakes June 5, 2021 $ 1 million

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