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Kayleigh McEnany calls on media to lie: ‘It’s trafficking’

Kayleigh McEnany, the new Fox Newsie who interpreted former President Donald Trump’s lies as White House press secretary, denounced media responsibility on Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night. (Watch the video below.)

McEnany spoke on a “60 minute” report linking vaccine distribution in Publix supermarkets in Florida to the chain’s $ 100,000 contribution to a PAC supporting GOP Governor Ron DeSantis. The segment argued that the governor favored wealthy supporters for special access to vaccines, but it was hotly contested by DeSantis, Publix and even some Democrats.

Hannity mentioned to Joe Concha that Publix and DeSantis should file a lawsuit, prompting panting remarks from McEnany.

“It’s just really important to point out that the standard is so high to hold any of these news agencies accountable,” she said. “You have to prove intentional meanness. It is extremely difficult to prove. That’s why “60 minutes” – that’s why the left, MSNBC, CNN, get away with murders every day. They can say whatever they want because you can’t hold them accountable. It is a parody.

“Helloooo pot, meet kettle,” a spectator rift.

McEnany’s defense against Trump’s deceptive mess of the coronavirus pandemic and baseless cries of electoral fraud enraged critics and news outlets.

She “lies like most people breathe,” CNN’s Jake Tapper once said.

McEnany is now a contributor and co-host of the “Outnumbered” daytime show for The Conservative Channel.


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