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Katharine McPhee makes fashion statement while breastfeeding her baby

Katharine McPhee breastfeed in the best way possible.

In the sweet snapshot of June 9, captured by her boyfriend, the Country comfort the star shared her moment of success, breastfeeding a 3 month old baby Rennie– her son with her husband David foster– while the two were shopping at Dolce & Gabbana in Beverly Hills. Her feeding point next to a one-shoulder canary yellow dress seemed to inspire the singer’s photo caption, a yellow chick emoji, though she had an instant regret on Insta.

Daily pop‘s Justin sylvestre typed out the first response, jokingly, “Mothering… but do it fashun!” the American Idol alum responded by writing, “Haha, best comment. I should have been my legend.”

The Netflix star opened up about her breastfeeding journey with People back in May. “There are so many different types of experiences that women have,” she shared. “[For] some women it’s really, really hard for them at first and then it gets easier. And for me, it wasn’t that. “

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