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Kash Ali vows to challenge all skeptics who wonder if he can fight for a world heavyweight title |  Boxing News

Kash Ali wants to challenge his skeptics by moving within striking distance of a world heavyweight title shot and says his knockout can ‘take out anyone’.

The 29-year-old will come close to entering the IBF’s top 15, with a victory over Germany’s Roman Gorst in Sheffield on Saturday.

Ali has rebuilt his career after being disqualified in a domestic clash with David Price and now aspires to compete at the highest level.

“After the fight against Price I had a few wins, and now I’m the IBF European Champion,” Ali told Sky Sports. “It all happened pretty quickly, to be honest.

“One fight at a time, but my ultimate goal is to get into the top 10 and eventually get my world title, which I think I will win, but one fight at a time.

“People are always going to doubt. People wrote me off after the Price fight, but I had some good wins.

“I flew a little under the radar, but now I have the right team behind me and I believe every fight I will continue to step up, and the bigger the fights you will see the better versions of me.

I can hit, I have skill, I can move, I have speed, I have heart. I believe I can cause upheaval in the division.

Kash ali

“Challenging is one thing, but I want to become the heavyweight champion of the world and that’s what I believe I will be.

“Everyone is human. I can hit, I have skill, I can move, I have speed, I have heart. I believe that I can cause upheaval in the division.”

Tomas Salek was knocked down twice by big uppercuts in Ali’s last win, a ruthless third-round save in May.

Gorst, with just one loss in seven fights, could be a tougher challenge, but Ali believes he can punch any rival in a fight-ending punch.

“Me and Richard (Towers) my trainer, we worked out and I got the kid out of there.

“We worked on a few things, but this [the uppercut] was definitely something we worked on.

“I caught it up really early and was having some success, so I just took it out with the same kick. I repeated it and it worked.

“It’s becoming one of my favorite shots now.

“In heavyweight we can all hit. Once that hit lands you can take out anyone, that’s one thing I know.

“It doesn’t matter if you are someone starting out as a novice heavyweight or a heavyweight world champion.

“If I put it down, I put people to sleep.”

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